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Calvary greetings in Jesus name.

As we all know this blog is dedicated to sharing pastor Chris messages and prayers, and that’s what we will continue to do as far as this blog lives.

Today’s message is about marriage. The bible says that a man will someday leave his home and dwell with his wife, so the bible has full support for marriage.
This audio message is to sharpen our thoughts about marriage and help us have a peaceful home.


Title:Everything on Marriage

Author: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Duration: 17mins

Size: 25mb

Listen below

or Download here

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3 Responses

  1. Praise the Lord.
    I m so blessed.It was a reminder of my role as a wife.
    Thank you Pastor Sir.

  2. D. Nlimah says:

    It’s such powerful and beautiful message. I’m blessed to be listening to messages such as this one form from the Man of God before I get into marriage. Thank you Pastor Sir.

  3. Kischa says:

    wow. i absolutely love it. very enlightning. thank you pastor

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