Michael Tell: Patty Duke’s Ex- Husband, Story Behind 13days Marriage

Michael Tell Biography

Michael Tell was Popularly known as the wife of the late award-winning celebrity Patty Duk. He is a rock promoter. He became famous after he got married to Duke. Unfortunately, The marriage didn’t last up to 12 days, and the newly bound couple split having an annulment.

Fans have asked, What could be the reason behind the 13 days married life of Michael Tell with Patty Duke, this question has got lots of people thinking, and the answer to that question is right here in this article. 

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Michael Tell hails from the united states; he is a well-known promoter. Tell had always lived a private life, so much information about his family and educational background is unknown. 

Micheal Tell Career: Rock Promoter

Michael Tell was a celebrity in the entertainment industry due to his ex-wife. As a profession, he’s a rock promoter, publisher, and writer in the USA. Tell isn’t famous for his work.

He gained fame after marrying the late actress, Patty Duke. Patty was a celebrity from America famous from the movie The Miracle Employee. Additionally, Duke had won an Academy Award for her role as Helen Keller.

Michael Tell Relationship with Patty Duke

Micheal Tell became popular and drew the media’s attention when people discovered that he was dating Patty Duke. He got more attention when he finally got married to her, and unfortunately, their marriage lasted for just 13days.

In 1990, Souces gathered that Patty wrote an autobiography that has been made into a TV movie. There Patty Duke played with herself and served as co-producer. Patty also Mentioned some motive in her autobiography the wedding between her and Michael tell never lasted.

She also revealed that the biological father of her son Sean is John Austin. Additionally, Patty always thought that the biological father of Sean is Arnaz. However, all three statements went incorrect. 

How they met

Michael Inform’s ex-wife, Patty Duke, although married for just 13 days, they have a celebrity son despite their divorce story. Sources gathered that the couple met at the restaurant and began dating each other. However, his ex-wife revealed that she had dated three different guys, Desi Arnaz Jr. and John Astin before their marriage, she also revealed that she was pregnant before she got married to Tell. 

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Michael Tell’s net Worth

What do you expect from a rock promoter? Reliable sources have gathered that Michael Tell has a net worth of around $1.2 Million. Hos career as a rock promoter fetches him a tremendous amount of money, except probably he has other business his doing.

On the other hand, Michael’s late ex-wife Patty Duke had a net worth of about $9.7 million before her death



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