Nancy Shevell is the name of an American Businesswoman, in fact, she was a former member of the board at the New York Metropolitan Transportation.

She is also is called the third wife of Paul McCartney, who is the group member of this group The Beatles. Nancy is also the vice-president of this New England Motor Freight.

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Nancy was born in New York by Myron and Arlene Shevell. According to the wiki, she celebrates her birthday on September 20, born in 1959, making her sixty-one this season.

She had her education at a private college. She gained more fame once she got married to the renowned The Beatles group member, Paul McCartney.

Shevell was born a girl but had the mannerism of boys in her youth. She was also part of her college’s soccer team. She’s one strong woman because she’s even among the cancer survivors.


Nancy’s mum died because of cancer. She had been born into a wealthy family. Her dad, Myron P. Shevell, has been the owner of the transport firm, New England Motor Freight. And her mom Arlene Shevell had been a homemaker, that died in 1991 because of breast cancer. She has a sister, Susan Shevell along with also a brother, Jon Shevell.

Relationship: Paul McCartney

Shevell is a married woman. She also married her longtime boyfriend, Paul McCartney, who’s a group member of The Beatles.

This time while she had been in the practice of legal breakup together with her ex-husband, Bruce Blakeman.

Subsequently, she found love in Paul McCartney. Similarly, Paul also had an abysmal experience in wedded life

He’s had a total of five children from these relationships.

Nancy Shevell

Career & Net worth

She began her career in her father’s company. Nancy’s dad and uncle Shevell brothers firm had been found guilty as a result of fraudulence, and it had been declared bankrupt. Her uncle couldn’t take the strain and also committed suicide while her daddy remained firm.

Following a couple of occasions, her dad opened a trucking firm, New England Motor Freight. This had been the subsidiary company of the Shevell Group. However, this also was declared deceptive, and even her dad had been guilty of this. Later she entered the organization and persevered.

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Also, she turned into the Vice-President of the Shevell Group of Businesses following three years.

According to her livelihood, she’s among the board members of the most significant public transport authority in the country of New York. She worked for such a long time. Consequently, her net worth is projected to be 200 million.

Nancy Shevell

Top facts you did not know about Nancy

  • She had also been the owner of the transport firm, New England Motor Freight.


  • Back in 2007, Nancy began dating Paul McCartney, who’s an American songwriter and singer.


  • Before Paul McCartney, she had been wed to Bruce Blakeman.


  • And Paul McCartney too, before being married to Nancy, has had his fair share of toxic relationships.She’s known to regularly enjoy fashion displays, which she frequently attends along with her husband, Paul McCartney.


  • Nancy Shevell has a staggering net worth of about $200 million.


  • She has no social accounts.


  • McCartney was admired for her work with the company at their Yearly spring benefit held in New York’s Plaza Hotel

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