Ryan Lanza (Aadm Lanza’s Brother) – Wiki/Bio, Age, Now, Crime, Parents and Pictures

Ryan Lanza is actually the distant cousin of Adam Lanza. Understand that Adam was the Sandy Hook shooter as reported by many news blogs. 

While seated at his desk, he was watching TV and saw that he had murdered up to 30 people at a Connecticut elementary. He had no other option than to frame his cousin with the police.

According to New Jersey law enforcement officials, Ryan Lanza provided a lot of information when authorities questioned him. Ryan Lanza’s computer and phone records was investigated, despite the fact that he was not considered a suspect in this case.

Adam Lanza was mistaken for his brother Ryan Lanza because of the ID he had on him.

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How are they Related?

Ryan Lanza is Adam Lanza’s older sibling, however some claim they were both cousins.

How Old is Ryan Lanza

Ryan Lanza was born April 10, 1988 to Nancy Lanza, and Peter Lanza. He is 35 years old at the moment.

What transpired between Adam and Ryan

Adam Lanza was an American known terrorist with an unknown cause who carried out three different atrocities: he murdered his mother, he killed himself, and killed 30 victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The victims included twenty children between 6 to 7, while the other ten were adults who were staff members. Lanza had killed and wounded his mother in the family’s Newtown home earlier that same day and then drove to school. Lanza took his own life through self-inflicted gunshots to the head when emergency personnel arrived at the school.

The incident is the deadliest mass shooting in any elementary school within US history in addition to being the fourth-most deadly mass shooting in the world.

Where is Ryan Lanza now?

In the year 2017, Ryan relocated from Hoboken, New Jersey to Long Branch, New Jersey. He was in Hoboken, New Jersey, until the end of last year.

Adam resided within Sandy Hook with his mother, Nancy Lanza, who was located about 5 kilometers away from the school when Adam committed the assault. Adam has never been arrested or found guilty of a crime prior to.

It’s was a difficult moment for him because he has arrested for what he never did. Ryan is currently working towards getting a better life for himself and family.

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