Taylor Swift’s Parents (Andrea and Scott Kingsley Swift) | Bio, Age, Cancer Story and Net worth

Scott Kingsley Swift and Andrea Swift Bio

andrea swift and scott kingsley swift

Andrea swift and Scott Kingsley swift

Scott Kingsley Swift founded the Swift Group, a monetary advisory organization that is a section of Merrill Lynch. He moved his company to Nashville when Taylor pursued her career in music.

Top Movie producer Andrea Swift, was born as Andrea Finlay, is the daughter of an engineer who served throughout Southeast Asia where she spent her adolescence years. She went back to the US and married in Texas where she met her former husband, Scott Kingsley Swift.

Andrea Swift was diagnosed with cancer in April 2015; however, it went into abatement. In a 2020 conversation, singer Taylor Swift announced that her mother had contracted the disease again. Andrea Swift and Scott Kingsley Swift were from Pennsylvania.

taylor swift parent

When Taylor’s career started to soar, her parents’ relationship faced difficulties as Andrea followed Taylor on tour, whilst Scott settled at home. With Andrea contributing so much help to their daughter, Scott found himself sidelined.

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As per Taylor Swift parent nationality, Andrea Swift is American and she is from Pennsylvania while Scott Kingsley Swift is an American also and was born in Bryn Mawr, Montgomery, Pennsylvania.

Concerning their age, Andrea Swift was born in 1958, so she is 62 years old, and her star sign is Capricorn and Pisces, meanwhile, Scott Kingsley Swift was born in 1952, so he is now 68.

Andrea Swift

Andrea Swift and her daughter

As for their marital life, Andrea Swift and Scott Kingsley Swift got divorced around 2011. The lovely couple were married on February 20, 1988, in Harris Country.

Now let’s talk about their net worth. Andrea Swift and Scott Kingsley Swift have a net worth of $1 million each. However, their daughter Taylor Swift, has a net worth estimated to be over $360 million.

Scott Kingsley Swift

Scott Kingsley Swift and his daughter

Focusing on their children, Andrea Swift and Scott Kingsley Swift have a son, Austin Swift, who is currently an actor.

Speaking about what they do for a living, Andrea Swift initially worked as a mutual fund marketing executive, while Scott Kingsley Swift initially worked as a financial adviser at Merrill Lynch.

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