The Real truth about Justin Hakuta: Wiki/Bio, Net worth and relationship

Facts about Justin Hakuta

  • Justin and Ali met at a wedding reception in 2010
  • Justin’s parents made Wong sign a prenup before Justin and Wong got married
  • He vets Wong’s jokes before she tells them on stage
  • Justin and Wong have done drugs to deal with difficult situations in life

Justin Hakuta Wiki/Bio

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Justin Hakuta is an American businessman of Japanese-Filipino descent. He’s best known as the husband to world-famous comedian, Ali Wong. Justin had held different positions in different businesses during his career until he established his firm. He relates with people well, unlike his celebrity wife.

Justin Hakuta career

Justin Hakuta’s dad was a successful television character. However, that career course never appealed to him. He first worked for a Maryland-based company, Honest Tea, in 2004. He oversaw the firm’s cooperation with Canada Dry, a beverage distributor.

Other companies in which Justin has worked include Aviara, GoodRx, Cargomatic, and DIRECTV. Recently, he began Yogastart, a company that aims to promote healthy lifestyles. Through this company, he has partnered with other notable firms like Patagonia, Seventh Generation, and Tea.

Justin Hakuta’s Age

Justin Hakuta was born 18th October 1981. He’s now 39 years old. His dad, Ken Hakuta, is a popular television personality who rose to fame when he depicted the character of Dr. Fad in the 1980s television series,” Dr. Fad Show. His mom, Marilou Cantiller, a former baker. Hakuta grew up alongside his two younger brothers, both Aki and Kenzo.

Justin Hakuta’s Early childhood and education

He drew inspiration from successful men and women in the 1980s. He grew up in California, along with his two sisters. His wife grew up in California though the two never settled till 2010. Hakuta attended that the Sidwell Friends School in Washington until 2000. In 2004 he graduated from the Carnegie Mellon University with a diploma in Decision Science.

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He afterward combined the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico to examine the economics, cognitive science, and Mexican history. Justin Hakuta is also an Ivy League graduate having acquired his MBA from Harvard Business School back in 2011. Despite his Japanese-Filipino descent, Justin Hakuta’s nationality is American.

Justin Hakuta spouse

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Justin married the love of his in 2010. Ali Wong asked Justin to attend a few of her comedy shows, and after he did, he was blown away. His wife, favorite comedian Ali Wong, once explained how she felt about Justin the very first time they met. She describes how she pledged to get him since she immediately realized that he had been a grab.

Once the two started dating, Hakuta attended more of Ali’s shows, and she motivated him to expand his business ventures. Both then maintained a colorful wedding in November 2014 after dating for a few years.

Justin Hakuta kids

They conceived their first daughter, Mari, in November 2015. She was named after Japanese writer, Marie Kondo. In December 2017, the two welcomed their second child. There are barely any details about the title of their next child. The two often talk about the steps they take to maintain their marriage strong such as describing couples’ treatment.

Justin Hakuta Net worth Now

The businessman has produced a significant fortune from his ventures. His existing net worth is estimated at $1.2 million. His celebrity wife, on the other hand, has a web worth of roughly $3 million.

Justin Hakuta Supported Wong’s career

Hakuta is undoubtedly among Ali’s top lovers. Speaking in an interview, Wong recognized how she constantly runs her relative’s jokes with her hubby. He has always been supportive of his wife. Lately, Ali has now risen to become one of their most consistent standup comedians in the modern-day.

Justin’s Social Media

Hakuta has a busy lifestyle on social networking, especially to the LinkedIn platform. He has created a profile using an extensive network of professionals from various places. On Instagram, he’s reasonably busy and frequently posts photographs of his family. With time, the protagonist has obtained more followers on social networking due to his wife’s rising popularity.

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Justin Hakuta height and other body measurements

The businessman is comparatively tall in 5 ft 8 inches. He weighs 65 kilos (143 pounds) and wears shoe size 8.

Justin Hakuta is the best illustration of rising from grass to grace. His trip from a lowly background must inspire many towards a trip of patience, dedication, and humility. Throughout his business skills, Hakuta has managed to venture and succeed in various businesses.

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