If you have not been to church for a while, this might be a great time to consider going back. For instance, you can start by looking for a church that is the best fit for you and your family. However, in case you still feel you are not ready to go, here are some benefits that you can derive from going to church:

  1. Church Can Connect You With God

Being in a church like Plantshakers Melbourne church provides you a reverent feeling as well as a physical space to interact and come closer to God. In addition, the church can help you to realize that there is a Perfect Being out there who is greater than humans. Similarly, when you enter a house of worship, you are instantly exalted to a state where you open yourself to God and try to comprehend his message. In essence, the act of walking into a church brings you closer to God. On the same note, that interrelation with God is bolstered by church attendance. When you go to church, you make time for God and physically permit god in your life. 

  1. Church can allow you To Reflect on Gratitude

When you practice gratitude, you are better placed to reframe negative circumstances into learning opportunities. Further, gratitude can help you to discover how blessed you are despite facing a myriad of challenges in life. This is because going to a place of worship such as Plantshakers Melbourne church can help you change your outlook and stop focusing on self-defeating thoughts. The church can help you to realize the things you have despite feeling lost. While it may take some time to see or feel God’s blessings, going to church can help to open your heart and eyes to discover you.

  1. Church Can Connect You Socially

Going to church can also help you to connect with people, especially if you have relocated to a new town or neighborhood. Church people are often friendly and a significant number of churches have a wide range of social events that can provide you with an opportunity to connect socially. 

  1. Church Can Help You To Better Connect With Your Spouse

You could be experiencing wrangles with your spouse, especially when it comes to matters related to faith. Nonetheless, if attend church together, you are better placed to not only experience happiness, but also satisfaction in your marriage. This is because the church can reconnect you both to your shared beliefs. For example, the church helps to bolster the higher philosophy as well as the purpose behind marriage, thus providing you with a safe space to link up with God and your spouse. Also, couples who go to church together can make time to iterate the important principles of their union such as vowing to love and support one another. 


Going to a church has numerous benefits as mentioned above, especially if you have not been to church for a while. As such, if you feel you need to go back to church, many places of worship include, for instance, Plantshakers Melbourne church that can help you to renew your relationship with God. 


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