Top Facebook Trends for Businesses in 2022

With nearly three million people using Facebook at least once per month, the social media giant continues to be an amazing way for businesses to connect with current customers and reach out to new ones. For businesses, staying ahead of the trends is crucial, as this allows them to get in early and take advantage of everything the trends have to offer. When it comes to Facebook marketing, the following are trends to keep an eye on throughout the next year.

Increases in Ad Budgets

Businesses on Facebook are expected to spend a lot more on ads than they did in the previous year. In fact, it’s expected that budgets will double for 2022 compared to 2021, just like they did in 2021 compared to 2020. Business owners may want to work with the experts to make sure the ads are as cost-effective as possible and going to help reach more potential customers. By working with SEO agency Taktical Digital, business owners can get help targeting ads and testing to make sure the ads are more effective.

Bigger Focus on Videos

Videos are huge right now. Statistics show that the average adult spends nearly two hours watching videos on mobile devices per day. For businesses, this creates an excellent opportunity to reach out to more potential customers and increase engagement. Videos can include questions to get consumers to respond, offer information about the video, or just be a fun way for the business to connect with their customers. Even beginners can create amazing videos, so any business can take advantage of this to boost their marketing campaigns.

More Live Videos

Consumers like to feel a part of something, so they’re going to enjoy being able to watch live videos and see things as they happen. Over the next year, experts expect live videos to be used a lot more since they are a fantastic way to drive more engagement with customers. Businesses will want to check out tips to improve live videos to make sure everything is done professionally and to prevent potential issues while filming. Since the videos are live, it is important to plan carefully and have an idea of what to do if something does go wrong.

More Links in Comments

Trying to get customers to engage more? Instead of having links in the video description, it may be better to put them in the comments. When viewers head to the comments for more information, they’re likely to leave a comment. The more comments a video or post gets, the more customers are engaged. Comments can be pinned to the top, so they’re easy for customers to see, then customers are able to discuss the video or post and interact with the business further. Over the next year, this is expected to become more common, as it is a great engagement tactic.

Bigger Focus on Albums

Within Facebook groups, albums allow consumers to post their own videos, photos, or other documents. This has long been used by groups to help consolidate information in a way that’s easy for group members to find, but over the next year, it’s expected to become a big way for businesses to interact with consumers and boost engagement. After an event, consumers can post their own videos, photos, or documents showing they were there for their event or their response. Other group members can comment add to the album, too, so it’s a way for everyone to connect with each other and the business based on common interests.

Facebook continues to be the largest social media platform, making it a great way for businesses to reach out to new potential customers or create repeat customers. However, keeping on top of the trends is crucial, as businesses will want to make sure they’re increasing engagement and reaching new people. The trends here are all expected to increase over the next year, providing plenty of opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers and create new leads. 

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