Top facts about Amy Nelson: Markiplier’s Girlfriend, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Age, Height etc

M enters Amy’s life

Markiplier a natural gamer, this he has completely harnessed to develop his YouTube stardom. His audience can best be described as loud and active ,supporting his unusual comedic style from across the globe. He is the 22nd most followed YouTuber, with a net worth of approximately $24 million. However, since they started dating in 2016, Markiplier has had to share the popularity with his babe, Amy Nelson.

Amy out on a sunny day!
Markiplier enters Amy’s life

Once hitched with Markiplier, Amy began to draw a big following on the media. On Twitter alone, she has near 83,000 followers. She also has her very own YouTube channel — Planet Peebles with 68k followers, while Markiplier’s channel has a mind-boggling 24.4 million subscribers.

Amy taking a mirror selfie

Amy Nelson doesn’t have children as of 2020.

How much is Amy Nelson’s net value?

Sources claim that this figure is somewhere around $350,000.

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Known online as Peebles, Amy Nelson has already lived a lifetime in the electronic world and has now been a graphic artist and animator. She hails from Cincinnati in Ohio, just like Markiplier. According to several sources, the two came out about their relationship Cincinnati, in their home city at a gaming convention.

Amy looking very lonely

Private life

She loved living her private life before her relationship with Markiplier hit the headlines. These times, she lives in Los Angeles, California, jointly with Markiplier.

Called a coffee enthusiast, she is an experienced blogger and a media influencer.

She first appeared on her boyfriend’s channel in a few of his videos — Do Not Laugh Challenge #5.

So when did Markiplier get a girlfriend?

As to when Markiplier got a girlfriend, the specific date isn’t easy to ascertain. Some say that he and Amy Nelson met in November 2016, when they attended a movie and gaming convention. Nevertheless, this cannot be verified, along with the couple who are already starting to get tired of the query — Amy tweeted a picture of both which was taken in 2015. Along with the post, she wrote, “Oh, Jeez! What more do you really need from us.”

What more do you want from us?

How tall is Amy Nelson, and how much does she weigh?

Amy Nelson is 5 feet, 4 inches tall. She weighs around 122 lbs.

Amy and M feeling very snappy!

Is Amy Nelson married or single?

Amy Nelson isn’t married. She and Markiplier are currently hitched.

The Couple


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