Who is Tracey Needham?

Tracey Renee Needham was born on the 28th of March 1967. In Dallas, Texas, USA, Her dad was a home-builder and her family relocated to Denver, Colorado, when she was eight years old because of his work, . Tracey is the only girl in a family of four kids. She has been an advocate of sexual equality. Being the only woman out of four children and arguably the tallest, Tracey found out that her elevation awarded her the upper hand whenever they’d play football. She was an advocate of sex equality and soccer, when she’d jump into soccer, she’d inform the boys not to play it easy with her just because she was a lady.

Tracey Renee Needham

Actual Height

She has an excellent height of 5ft 10ins (1.8m) along with a perfectly maintained her figure.

Tracey was blessed with height, and due to her stature, she wasn’t allowed to work on stage. So instead of acting, she had been involved with the technical crew, that did not make her give up because she got into acting and became a big name in Hollywood. Keep reading to learn more about this woman blessed with height that is fantastic.

Education and early career

Due to her stature, when she was in eighth grade, she wasn’t allowed to work on stage. Instead of acting, she had been involved in the crew. But after she finished school, she roamed across Australia and Europe to get additional skills. Taking part in auditions, and Tracey moved to Los Angeles in 1988 to learn acting. While she studied, soccer matches fascinated her, plus she was always competitive against boys. Her passion and love for soccer and sex equality have helped inspire her to depict a female personality on TV.

Tracey Renee Needham


Tracey Needham was found by a talent agent while at a petrol station. She started her career in acting by debuting at the TV series “Jake and the Fatman,” then appeared as Anna in the show “Coach.” Following a series of role-plays, she landed her first essential part around 1989 in the drama “Life Goes on” as Paige Thatcher. She then played the compelling feminine character of Lt. Meg Austin, a Navy Judge advocate in the military-action adventure series “JAG’s season” in 1995-96.

Tracey Renee Needham

Other noteworthy appearances have been as Kathleen Barry in 3 episodes of  “Veronica Mars” and Sarah Sharpe in “The Last Harbor“. In 1997, she played the role Roxanne at “Buried Alive II“, Gina Gallagher at 1999 TV film “Justice,” and Ellie Jones in “Total Security.”

Relationship, Marriage and Katie

Tracey Needham and celebrity Tommy Hinkley in 1995, got married about the 1st of January, having dated for several decades. She had her daughter, Katie, in 1999. She is still enjoying a beautiful and happy life with her husband, and they are showing no sign of divorce.

Tracey Renee Needham

Social Media

She is quite active in her acting but is inactive on media, aside from her acting career, she wrote and produced the movie “Tupperware Party” in 1997.

Tracey Renee Needham

Net Worth

Tracy Needham’s pursuits include playing horse riding along with cards, to mention two. Credible sources estimate that she has a net worth of more than $4 million, so as of late 2018, gathered mostly from her acting career during the past 30 years.

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