Trevor Noah’s parents (Patricia Noah and Robert Noah) | Facts You need to know

Trevor Noah’s parents (Patricia Noah and Robert Noah)

Patricia Noah

Patricia Noah

Robert Noah and Trevor

Robert Noah and Trevor

Trevor was born in Johannesburg to his parents, Patricia Noah and Robert Noah. Patricia has lived a fantastic life, claiming many personal achievements and victories over an abusive husband, whom she is now separated from.

Trevor Noah is a popular stand-up comedian, top actor, and TV host who comes from South Africa. He presently hosts The Daily Show on Comedy Central. He is also known for his political commentaries on various government actions.

Note that: Robert and Patricia were not lawfully married when they had Trevor. Patricia maintained on owning a child with him, despite his skepticism. In the end, they had a kid together. Robert is not listed to be Trevor’s dad.


Patricia, the mother of Trevor hails from South Africa, while Robert, the father according to some sources has Swiss-German roots.

How old is Patricia Noah and Robert Noah?

Its sad to know that their parent’s age is not known to the public, probably they decided to keep it private or reasons best known to them. but then we know that Patricia was 24, and Robert was 46 when they started dating.

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Trevor Noah’s parents Career

What Patricia does is currently unknown for now.

Nevertheless, Robert Noah is an author and producer. He has actually worked on television and movies shows such as

  1. Scrabble (1984-1990),
  2. Hot Streak (1986),
  3. Party Line (1983),
  4. Sale of the Century (1983),
  5. Las Vegas Gambit (1980),
  6. High Low Quiz (1957),
  7. Tic Tac Dough (1956).

Patricia Noah and Robert Noah Net worth

As at 2020, Patricia Net worth is estimated to be around $700, 000, while Robert Net worth is estimated to be $10million. As per Trevor Noah is net worth, it’s $30.5 million this 2020.

Trevor Noah’s parents, divorced?

Trevor mother patricia

Note that Trevor’s parents had him out of wedlock at the request of his mother. They did not get married as Trevor’s mother got married again later in her life. However, Trevor’s abusive step-father (Patricia’s current husband) shot her in the head. She fortunately survived as the bullet went through the back through her nose.

Trevor Noah: Dealing with pain

Trevor Noah siblings

From valid sources we know that apart from Trevor, Patricia and Robert had no other child together. But then Patricia does have other children from her formal marriage, which was reported to be abusive.

Trevor actually has two step-brothers who are Andrew and Isaac Shingange. Their parents were Patricia Noah and Ngisaveni Abel Shingange, this is when they got married in Johannesburg.

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