Troy Dendekker, Bradley Nowell’s Wife | Age, son, net worth and music career.

Troy Dendekker : Bradley Nowell’s Wife

Bradley Nowell wife

Bradley Nowell and his wife

Troy Dendekker is the wife of the late Bradley Nowell, the top lead singer and guitarist of the 90’s band Sublime.

Bradley, a hugely gifted singer, and guitarist suffered from enslavement to drugs. Sadly a week after Troy and Bradley got married, Bradley began taking heroin and was pronounced dead from an overdose while the band was on tour.

Despite the incident, Troy and Bradley were quite the rock ‘n’ roll couple, and even though Troy got married again, Bradley’s memory was forever in her heart.

An Instagram post, under her name “mamatroypma,” Troy pays homage to her late husband Bradley; she shared a picture of Bradley; she also thanked him for his music that has given so much color and influence to her life and soul. According to Troy, his music was a compelling combination of genres, including reggae, rock, punk, ska, and hip-hop.

After losing a husband to drugs, Troy has been compelled to notify people about the risks of drugs, dreaming of, and acting towards a drug-free America.

How did Bradley Nowell Die?

Unfortunately, Troy Dendekker lost her husband to drugs just as they were making a life together. Her husband was a famous musician, making a right name for himself in the rock and pop world. This drove her love for music, and a commitment to raise awareness of drug habit in the music industry.

Troy Dendekker height and weight.

Troy Dendekker is 5 feet 8 inches, and she weighs about 128 pounds.

Troy Dendekker Son

She had just one child with Bradley. His Troy Dendekker son name is Jakob, and he is 25 years of age as of 2020. He is also a musician, just like his father, and his music bears a remarkable similarity to his father’s iconic tracks.

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Troy Dendekker and Bradley Nowell

Troy Dendekker

Troy got married to Bradley Nowell, a pop-rock band icon during the 1990s. Barely a week after their marriage in 1996, Bradley died due to drugs, and after six years, in 2002, Troy married once again, and this time to Kiki Holmes. It’s more than 17 years since their marriage, and the couple has remained in love.

Troy Dendekker’s net worth

Bradley left quite some possessions after his death. With numerous albums under Bradley’s name and Troy’s inheritance, she has an estimated net worth of $1.1 million.


Troy Dendekker son

This brings us to the awareness that we should stay far from drugs, avoid excess intake of drugs because it can lead to an early death.

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