Valentine’s Day prayers February 2021

It’s the season of valentine and we shouldn’t neglect the fact that we ought to pray, in this most I have written series of valentine’s day prayers February 2021, do well to pray them and also share these valentine’s day prayers to your loved ones.


  1. Oh lord on this day, we pray for our loved ones that they may be blessed in every aspect of their lives
  2. Precious father, in this season of love, provide for those who doesn’t have to celebrate this great day
  3. Oh lord I pray for my spouse( mention his or her name) that your love, mercy and blessings will never depart from his/her life amen.
  4. Father lord, we pray on this valentines day that you help us live a healthy and Godly
  5. In this season of love, may your undiluted love never depart from us amen.
  6. Oh lord my God, I pray that your financial blessings shall never depart from us. Amen
  7. Lord I thank you because on this day, my joy is multiplying as I receive unlimited favor of God in Jesus name
  8. Lord in anyway I have sinned against you and disobeyed your word, show me mercy according to your loving kindness
  9. Lord on this day of love, I seek your mercy in my studies, business( Mention those areas you want God’s mercy and favor)
  10. Precious lord in this season of love, give me a testimony to share in the name of Jesus. Amen
  11. Psalms 44 VS 3, I do not put my trust on man or my strength, I put my hope and trust in your favor to bring me things in my life in Jesus name. Amen
  12. Father, on this day of valentine, let me experience your favor wherever I go and wherever I turn in. amen.
  13. Oh lord let your mercy and favor make me stand out among my peers amen.
  14. in this valentine’s day, let the favor of God attract the right people into my life, into my path in Jesus name
  15. oh lord, let your favor speedy connect me with the rightful people that will aid my destiny amen
  16. in this powerful season oh lord by your mercy, let the devil not triumph over me amen.

These are the few prayers we should prayers for valentine’s day 2021, after prayers, share this to others to pray also.

Happy valentine

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