What Really Happened to Joseph Frontiera and the Company he Worked for Count’s Kustom? Counting Cars Scandal

Joseph Frontiera is a television personality from the United States who became famous after appearing on “Counting Cars.” Joseph was involved in a major controversy a few years after he appeared on the show. Count’s Kustom – the company he worked for – filed a lawsuit accusing him of misappropriating money from a large corporation for his personal benefit. He was later no longer visible on Counting Cars.

How Old is Joseph Frontiera?

Frontiera was born on July 1, 1989, in the United States; he is 35 years old at the moment. He is an auto repair expert, but in the show, he was the head of the accounting department.

What Really Happened Between Joseph Frontiera and His Company?

The company sued him for allegedly embezzling money from Count’s Kustoms to use for personal reasons. He was accused of using around $75,000 to pay for his Range Rover’s bills and tickets.

The lawsuit also states that he failed to pay tax for the company. He was charged with felony theft in Las Vegas but not arrested because he lived in Florida.

The Internal Revenue Service also fined him $18,000 for failing to pay his taxes on time.

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Frontiera was also said to be rude to Count’s Kustoms’ customers, Frontiera also appeared to be rude to Count’s Kustoms’s customers. The website also stated that the store had overpriced products, and Frontiera seemed to be increasing prices.

Is Joseph Frontiera single?

Joseph Frontiera, who had a short career on television, kept his personal life a secret. He never revealed if or when he married someone. However, it has been rumored he is dating a girl he met in 2016 while filming Counting Cars.

What is Joseph Frontiera’s net worth?

Joseph Frontiera earned more than $800,000 from his appearance in the reality series Counting Cars. But his net worth was reportedly wiped out by the lawsuit he had been charged with.


  1. When he was 18 years old, Count Kustoms Automobile Customization and Restoration Company hired him as a mechanic.
  2. After he appeared on the TV reality show Counting Cars, he came to the limelight.
  3. He is the designer and advanced technologist in the Reality Show Counting Cars.
  4. His company, Count Kustoms, claimed that he spent over $75k on his own personal use out of the company account.
  5. He is a dog lover and loves spending time with his dogs.

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