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Zach Hadel
Zach Hadel

Zach Hadel: The Youtuber

Zach Hadel in view

Zach Hadel was given birth on 13 May 1990 in California, USA. American comedian Zach Hadel is a voice actor, comedian, and YouTube star. He is most well-known for his YouTube channel, psychipebbles, with over one million subscribers.

He has kept his childhood secrets, including his siblings, parents, and education, which are not known. It’s all one big secret, and we look forward to when Zach shares this information with fans.

His YouTube Career Journey

He had a flair for drawing from an early age and developed a dark sense of humor. Combining these talents, he began to create flash animations. He started uploading his work to Newgrounds. In November 2008, his first post was the flash animated film “Tribute to Eatler.”

He continued making videos and uploading new content on Newgrounds. After gaining a good following, he decided to launch his YouTube channel. His first video, “How you can be a YouTube celebrity blogger,” was a parody about a few of the most popular YouTubers.

It has received over 3.5million views. He uploaded more funny and interesting animated videos as his popularity increased. OneyNG, another YouTube star, helped him create the animated series “Hellbenders.”

Zach Hadel taking photo

The show features two characters that are Zach and his colleague. The show’s success further aided Zach’s career. After joining the multimedia group SleepyCabin (which included Spazkid and Niall Murray and StamperTV, JohnnyUtah, StamperTV, and OneyNG), Zach noticed a significant increase in his popularity.

The group also launched the podcast, “SleepyCast,” where they would answer fans’ questions on various topics. Zach often spoke out about Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime, Jewish people, and the Holocaust while on SleepyCast.

He also joked that Hitler was a great guy. He overcame the negative reactions from his fans and proved that he is a good person. But SpeepyCabin was no longer in existence, and SleepyCast saw its end. He didn’t let this stop him from continuing his successful career.

Zach launched Schmucks, his podcast, and several of his guests were now well-known YouTubers like Ethan Klein (the creator behind h3h3), Michael Stevens from VSauce, and JonTron.

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His YouTube channel gained immense popularity. Although it was inactive for some time, he has recently launched another show called “Very Positive stream,” which featured the most recent video. It got uploaded in April 2020.

Is Zach Hadel Single?

Zach Hadel love life

Zach is perfect in hiding all of his data, including his relationships.

His videos are all we have about him: his quirky humor, dark sense, and talent.

Many rumors have been spread about him, which spiced up his media activities. One such rumor is that Chris O’Neill, better known as OneyNG, is his gay boyfriend. Another rumor states that he is currently in a relationship, although it is female, with another YouTuber. She is also known for making short animated films.

They are believed to have been together for many years. However, this is not the end. Zach may have been married for three consecutive years to a mysterious woman.

Zach has not spoken out about any of these claims, and we will continue to wait for reliable information.

His Body Outlook

Zach Hadel has a good height. He stands at 5′ 8 inches tall. His body weight is approximately 65 kg. Zach Hadel is a brown-haired man with dark brown eyes. He is slim and attractive because of his body type.

Zach Hadel Income Value

According to reports, Zach Hadel has a net value of $1,200,000. He gained an appreciable fortune due to the popularity of his talents on media platforms.

Other earnings are based on his writing, producing, and directing career. He is more than just an animator. He charges $100 per video and also helps other upcoming animators.

Zach Hadel
Zach Hadel

Do you know Zach’s Age?

Presently, Zach Hadel is 32 years old. 

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