10 Netflix Shows with the Best Romantic Plots

There are times when you are invited for some Netflix & chill, and you literally watch Netflix… So that you do not get disappointed and at least have a good time, we have prepared a list of the best romantic shows this streaming platform has to offer. These films and series will warm you up in the cold evenings, distract from the everyday problems, and create a romantic mood.

When We First Met, 2018

A good, kind, and instructive film with high-quality acting and an interesting plot. If you are a lover of romance, then this movie is for you. A young guy named Noah met the girl of his dreams and spent the perfect night with her. But despite such an unforgettable night, he still ended up friendzoned. And only three years later, he got a chance to understand what he did wrong.

Easy, 2016

It’s a story (or rather stories) about eight friends from the noisy Chicago and the relationships that accompany them, sex, mass culture, new technologies, and the bustle of the city. Spouses who have no feeling left to each other, lesbians, brewers, a writer, and a girl photographer that you can meet on a dating site in Europe – the characters are different while interesting and

memorable. And the topic of sex (and related problems) in the series is revealed well.

The Kissing Booth, 2018

A typical movie about teenagers for teenagers, or for anyone who wants something easy and naive. The plot is rather hackneyed and a little far-fetched, though. The Kissing Booth is about school and how the guys spend their time there. The script was written by two best friends, and they dedicated the movie to their memories and wanted the viewer to plunge into this whole atmosphere. A little bit of passion with a good ending. The main message is that we worry about things that often are not worth our anxiety.

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, 2018

Sierra is an excellent high school student. Of course, like any overweight American teenager, Sierra is not very popular. One day her phone number gets into the phone of one of the cutest guys she could ever dream of. But she does not understand the consequences of her communication with a guy who does not know that Sierra is on the other side of the phone.

Everything Sucks! 2018

Nostalgia over the ’80s, excellent music, teenagers who act like adults, and adults who have turned into children. And, of course, the small and big tragedies of each of the characters and attempts to cope with their consequences. This series has been compared to The Stranger Things. But without mysticism and with an emphasis on the personal life of the heroes, their feelings, fears, and desires to find love.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, 2018

Everyone considers the young Lara Jin cute but nothing more. She secretly dreams of great and sincere love, with the whole spectrum of feelings and adventures. Her hobby is writing secret messages to all beautiful boys from school. She did not think that one day these messages could reach her addressee. But one day it happens, and the girl’s life just turns upside down.

Set It Up, 2018

This rom-com follows the story of two assistants working to their hard-to-bear bosses. They come up with an idea to unite their efforts to neutralize their bosses together. A good movie with a funny, sometimes touching plot. The film is about work and love, the more complicated version of the work and life balance. You can watch this film with a family, on a romantic or friendly gathering, or even alone.

Always Be My Maybe, 2019

Sasha and Marcus were best friends since childhood. Everyone around them was sure that the two would definitely begin to date. After school, their life changed a lot, and they met again only 15 years later. So many years of separation makes the idea about getting together for real creep into their minds. An excellent positive film with episodic but very epic participation of Keanu Reeves in an unusual role. Bright and perfect for watching with your soulmate.

The Last Summer, 2019

The most responsible but the most carefree time in the life of every teenager is the summer after graduation. This is your last attempt to think about entering university, say a farewell to your friends, and forget about the rules at least for a moment. This is the story about adventurous teenage love.

Master of None, 2015

The protagonist Dev acts in commercials and films that do not bring him enough money, dates a girl with whom they may not have a common future, and spends time with his equally lonely. He finds himself in various absurd situations, but close people and a sense of humor help him cope with life’s problems. A light series in which everyone can find himself.

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