11 Home Cleaning Tips

All of us hates a dirty house. It is our sanctuary that protects us from unsafe people and unseen danger as well. However, what if the danger is inside our own home? What if the germs and bacteria inside harm our health?

That is why cleanliness is very important, not only in our bodies, but in our houses as well. This article will teach you some basic home cleaning tips that will save you from the danger and health problem caused by microorganism.

Here are the top 11 home cleaning tips:


  1. Wipe Your Window Glasses and Mirrors

One part in the house that can be obviously ween when dirty is our window glasses. It becomes cloudier when not wiped often. Use vinegar and hot water to easily remove unpleasant stuff on it. Moreover, applying enough force when wiping helps you to get the shiny result you desired. However, rough fiber or sponge must be avoider for it will create scratches on your glasses.


  1. Arrange Your Things in Your Closet

It’s very annoying when you invested too much time folding and arranging your clothes inside the cabinet but you easily disarranged it when you are in hurry. Well, there are hacks in the internet wherein you can organize your closet and can easily get clothes without ruining the other stuff. Always remember about your effort you invested every time you get something in there. This may preserve the appearance of your closet for a long time.


  1. Change Linen, Pillow Case and Bed Sheet

If you want to make a total house make over, you must not forget for the fabrics that make your house look unpleasant. Try to look for new sofa covering, curtains, pillow case, bed sheet and linen. Bacteria and germs multiply easily in fabric.

Buying new ones is not necessary, you may just wash them and reuse it once more.


  1. Laundry Your Stuffed Toys

Our stuffed toys that we displayed in our living room get dirty as day passes. That is why, same as with our children or pets, they also need to take a bath. Furthermore, we cannot appreciate their beauty when they are covered with dirt and dust. However, when you will just freshen them up through laundry, you will see their contribution in making your home attractive.

  1. Remove Stains in Your tubs and Toilet

Our comfort room must serve its purpose. However, there are times that the appearance of our CR doesn’t give us comfort, am I right? The secret for having a pleasing rest room is cleaning it every after use. In doing so, you are preventing the stain build up that will later on became stubborn to remove. Use bleach and toilet cleaner in removing them.

  1. Make Cleaning As A Family Bonding

Don’t you know that in order to preserve your strength while cleaning your home is to divide the labor? To be productive and cover many tasks in a specific time, you need to do it in a group. Moreover, you can ask for your children or spouse to clean some areas that you think they can.

For example, in removing dirty pillowcase and bed sheet, you can assign that task to your children who are capable of. When you train them to be a part of these tasks, you are teaching them to have a sense of responsibility. You are also making it as a family bonding time. Learn more from here: https://familyholds.com/.

  1. Throw or Donate the things You Don’t Need

Our home gets attractive when there are a lot of design inside. However, there are instances that too much things make it unpleasing to the eyes. Instead of arranging them that will surely exhaust your power, you way just throw them away or you donate it to charity that may make use of them.

  1. Rearrange the Furniture

To make your house look pleasing, the arrangement matters a lot. Do not arrange your furniture that will make you house look small.

  1. Clean Your Chopping Board

One kitchen material that we use 3 times a day is our chopping board. As we use it, stains from the food we chopped stick into it. To clean it, use baking soda and lemon to help you with the task.

  1. Disinfect Your Floor

The floor covers a big part of our homes. Just like any other part of our house, we need to disinfect it. You can use a solution of alcohol, vinegar, dish detergent and water to perfectly remove germs and bacteria.

  1. Remove Marker Stains on the Wall

It is annoying when we caught our children draw anything in our walls using a permanent marker right? But removing it is very easy like no other. Just simply apply toothpaste to the area. Then, leave it for 5-10 minutes and wipe it by a dry towel.



Cleaning is very hard if we don’t have knowledge on how to do it. But if we are just wise enough, tips and hacks are over the internet, simple browse the, apply and have a clean home. But don’t forget to buy home gears to clean your home perfectly.

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