Technology is bringing a revolution in all sectors including automotive and transport. The companies are using innovative technologies to reduce the traveling time and cost while considering the passenger’s comfort and safety at the same time. These innovations are also set-up to construct vehicles that are more environmentally friendly.

You might have heard the gossips about autonomous cars as it is one of the trending topics. Along with that, many other fictional science fantasies are coming to life like self-flying helicopters and super trains. With all these innovations, transportation at the end of the next decade will not be the same as now.


Let’s have a look at the 5 modern transport concepts that are going to change the way of traveling at its best. Also, if you are looking forward to Rent a car Dubai make sure to book your dream car. In this way, you can drive your favorite car without costing a bank.


1- Hyperloop


This concept was introduced back in 2012 by the prolific inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk. The engineers from his SpaceX and Tesla companies started to work on its demonstrator. This great innovation is best to reduce pressure tubes with pressured capsules with the ability to transport passengers from 2 cities that are Los Angeles to San Francisco. It will take just 35 minutes to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just 35 minutes. Many other companies are also collaborating as it is open source and it may be fully functional in the upcoming years.


2- Autonomous cars


Autonomous cars are the future of transportation as these cars will be capable of driving themselves. The technologies like AI, Deep and machine learning, and the Internet of things are bringing revolution to the world of transportation. The cars will not only be safer but also faster and smarter. Getting around the new cities will be as simple as opening the app and booking a car. Many companies like BMW, Uber, Google, and Tesla are working on this already. Countries like the USA and UAE have these cars already but they still need to be legally allowed to commute.


3- Super Maglev Trains


The idea of super trains was first introduced by Eric Laithwaite back in the 1940s. He proposed to construct the train by using magnetic levitation. These trains have been operational since 1984 in few parts of the world. Yet, the world is not able to reach the public domain except China and Japan. The highest speed train travels from Shanghai airport to the center of the city at a speed of 430 km per hour. The trains are still using the old versions but the modern trains will utilize the vacuum tube that helps to reduce air friction and increase speed. These projects are also still under process in many Asian and American countries.


4- Nuclear powered cars


You might have heard the above-mentioned transport ways but nuclear-powered cars might be new for you. We all know that the nuclear energy concept is terrifying because of its use to make weapons. But, it is going to be a huge part of the future of the transportation industry. Some of the companies in the USA are working in a radioactive transportation business. The LPS has been promoting the benefits of thorium that is responsible to generate heat in the Earth core. LPS is more focused on building car engines that will be powered by radioactive. The 8 gram of thorium will be able to hold the power that is needed by a car in 100+ years. It means that if this project will be successful, you won’t have to spend a penny on car gas.


5- SkyTrain


The concept of Skytrain is available in Tel Aviv, which is one of the ancient cities of Israel. This city is traditional but it is nothing outdated as this city is bustling 24/7 and has a huge traffic mess. That’s the reason that the Israeli government is all set to build a magnetic public transport in the upcoming years. The idea of Skytrain is already under process. This train will run on the metal track that will be 20 feet above the ground level. The trains will be in pod style that will hang below those tracks and float friction-free. All that credit goes to Maglev technology.


Here are some of the best ways that are going to bring a massive change in transportation. Some of these plans will take a decade or more but some are ready to launch in upcoming years. The ones that are going to launch will be available soon in Dubai as it is one of the top tech-savvy cities. Also, if you are looking for Cheap car Rental Dubai companies, opt-in for RentalcarsUAE as it is one of the most professional and budget-friendly companies.

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