Braving the Outdoors: How to Create the Perfect Backyard Hangout Space

If you’re looking for a new house project, why not consider spicing up your backyard and making it a great hangout space for you and your family? With everyone staying at home, a comfy backyard might change the environment in the best way possible. You can also throw small events for everyone at home, including but not limited to fun photoshoots with natural sunset lighting!

Create a relaxing space for everyone and get ready to bring out your creativity through this project. Before starting, you should already know your theme and the color layout of your hangout space. Design a vision board for this project so everything goes together smoothly. Here are some things you need to consider for a perfect backyard hangout space:

  • Make it a multi-purpose space

Your backyard space should be the perfect location for just about any event. This should also be a comfortable space where you and your family can just relax and hang out under the skies. 

You should also utilize the space as much as possible. Aside from seating, it’s also very efficient to use your hangout space as a subtle storage space for items you don’t mind leaving outside. Use an outdoor storage bin that doubles as a seat or low table in your backyard.

  • Think about the landscape

Get your inspiration from what already is there: your backyard’s landscape. This would make your hangout space look organic and natural. For instance, a rustic design is a perfect getaway theme and is also perfect for relaxing.

If you also have a couple of trees in your backyard, why not hang a hammock and chill under the shade? Once you consider your landscape and what it offers, creating a hangout space will go smoother. Some backyards also have small water features, so these should also come into play during your planning stage.

You can also consider starting a small garden with your backyard hangout space, especially if it goes perfectly with the landscape. There are a lot of small potted plants that are easy to grow and maintain. Plus, more plants mean more sources of fresh oxygen, after all.

  • A pergola is a great idea

A pergola is a great way to create some shade in your backyard without fully sacrificing the open space. Construct a pergola and put it over a group of comfy chairs for it to be a perfect nest in your own backyard. If you’re going for a pergola in your backyard design, you should know that this is probably where most of the group will hang out. What goes under the pergola is also another important element for you to consider. A porch swing is another perfect idea for these.

Other pergola designs also go for flower covers to make it look more intricate and dynamic. With a sprawling backyard, a pergola brings out the structural elements of a backyard hangout space. 

  • A treehouse, anyone?

Now, this is another complicated project on its own if you think about it. But if there is a lot of time and a lot of hands for this project, you can consider building a treehouse. A treehouse doesn’t have to be a complicated structure. You can create a simple one, as long as it is sturdy and safe.

Arguably, here is the first rule of building a basic treehouse: it actually depends on the tree. The structure should depend on what kind of tree you have in your backyard. It doesn’t have to be too complicated as well. You can simply build a banister or terrace on the tree so you and your family can have a higher and relaxing lookout spot.

  • Find your lighting

Your backyard space should be a great hangout location regardless of time. As a multi-purpose space, this outdoor spot should also be perfect, even in the early hours of the night. 

Consider your lights system for your backyard hangout space. If you’re going for a pergola, small porch lights would soften up the look and make it more comfy and relaxing. If not, you can also choose to hang string lights all over your backyard. 

  • Choose a primary feature

Much like living rooms, your backyard space should also have a primary feature that will serve as the center of the entire space. An outdoor chimney or fire pit is a common central feature of some backyards. It’s up to you to decide on what feature you want to highlight in your overall design. 


There are a lot of elements in creating a backyard hangout space, but the most important factor is that it should be cozy enough so everyone will want to hang out and brave the outdoors.

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