Messy Playrooms? 7 Fun Tips For Organizing Your Kids’ Bedroom and Playroom

Who would not love those adorable kids running around and making the house feel lively and vibrant? Our homes are never dull when we have kids around. We always see some action, fun, and drama. However, having kids is fun and games until you look at all the mess they make and clean up after them. Add this to your everyday work and all the tasks you must do—it gets stressful to see your house in such a mess. To make your life easier, we will give you tips for keeping your home, particularly your kids’ playroom area and bedroom, as organized as possible. Here is how:

  • Have enough storage

Our kids have all sorts of stuff: from the tiniest toys, accessories, and stationery, to the largest ones. We bet you have already experienced the horrors of stepping on a piece of Lego barefoot, do you not? Kids play with all their toys and leave it all on the floor. The key to keeping their bedroom organized is to have the right storage that will hold all their toys. You might think of just any storage bin. However, it will help to purchase the right kids bedroom storage. It will match your interior and will also appeal to the kids to organize their stuff.

  • Start ‘em young

You cannot do all those by yourself. Before you look for a nanny, why not include your kids when organizing their stuff and even when cleaning up the entire house? Include your kids when cleaning up and make it a family activity. This way, they will be enthusiastic about joining. You may think that this will bore them, but kids actually are quite excited about activities that involve the family. Including them when cleaning up is also a way to teach them responsibility.

  • Declutter with them

Your kids may not admit it, but they might have lots of toys that they no longer play. You must foster trust with them before you teach them to clean up and let go of things they do not use anymore. These are their stuff, after all. It would not have been right to throw those you think they no longer use. Ask your kids for a tour inside their space and encourage them to let go of the things they do not need anymore. Decluttering regularly will also help in adding more space.

  • Make it sound fun

Kids will be more encouraged to clean up after themselves and organize their stuff if you make cleaning up sound fun and satisfying. It helps to personify their things. Instead of just saying “put these away”, you might say “put this where it lives”. Using such phrases will make cleaning up a fun and positive way to do more than just a bland chore. Using kid-friendly labels for their bins also helps. Some parents do color-coding systems for their kids’ toy bins.

  • Use décor smartly

Use the décor in your kids’ bedroom to define boundaries and keep their stuff organized. Use the wall space when storing your kids’ stuff. Their toys can be stored properly and may even serve as a cute little décor! You can install a net for your kids’ stuffed animal. You can also add over-the-door hanging storage. Decorative hooks can also hold together hats, bags, and clothes. This way, their things would not be too messed up on the floor. Use your décor, too, for establishing boundaries. Add rugs, for example, for them to know the right play area or toy pile. This keeps the kids anchored to the uses of the spaces in their room.

  • Practice positive reinforcement

When kids do something right, you must boost their confidence and do positive reinforcement. Teaching your kids to organize their stuff can be a long process. Positive reinforcement helps with this process. They will know that you are watching and guiding them. They will be reaffirmed that their efforts all do not go unnoticed.

  • Be an example

Kids copy what they see that adults do. If you want them to be neat and organized, keep your household this way, too. Show them yourself how to clean up and organize. Lead them on how they must be responsible for their things.

Start now

Now that you know some tips to keep your kids’ rooms organized, it is now up to you to do the tasks. For starters, you might need the right materials like storage bins and decorative accessories. Check out department stores and online stores such as for storage needs and ideas. Surely, you will find a lot of fun things there that even you will enjoy. The stuff they have will even add a little extra to your home.


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