Media monitoring involves scanning print, online, and broadcast media (radio and television) to know and evaluate what existing and potential customers, competitors, and industry experts are saying about you. 


Now the point is why must businesses bother so much about them. Well, a business does not function in a vacuum. The whole idea of any business is to get more customers or clients, increase profitability, and beat the competition while establishing a brand. So, it is important to know what they think about your brand and promote it. For instance, you can take the assistance of a reliable Facebook Growth Service for publicizing your brand.   


About 90% of marketers say social media has helped to increase the exposure of their business. Here in this article, we are mainly going to discuss the role of social media monitoring. 


Media monitoring helps you to take your business to another level by staying aware of everything being said about your brand on social networks. Some tools send you an alert as the very mention of your business on social media. 


Why is media monitoring integral?


Let’s understand more about how media monitoring or social media listening is essential for every business today.


  1.     Devise effective marketing strategies 

To ensure that marketing efforts are being done in the right direction, it is important to know customers’ demographics, psyche, thought process, and opinion about you and your competitors. To do this, you first need to ascertain your target audience and then monitor their social media conversations to know their thoughts and understand them better. 


Doing so helps to gain insights about customers that help you devise your marketing plan. For example, when you know where your customers are flocking, you can market on those channels. Also, when you are aware of the way people perceive your brand, you can tweak your branding efforts suitably. 


  1. Reputation management


What is a brand’s reputation? Well, it is the image of the company or brand, i.e. how it is looked upon by clients and customers. Apart from offering quality goods and services (which is most important), how a brand is perceived is the result of marketing.  


Now social media has become such a powerful tool that anyone can purposely harm your reputation by posting negative comments on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Since media monitoring helps to keep a close tab on what is being said about your brand, you can take suitable action when someone posts negative feedback or remarks. The first option should be to reply suitably to pacify the user and solve his complaint. You can reach a solution amicably. Ask the user to post that the company has taken suitable action. This helps to build a reputation and send a positive message about the company.


Also, another strategy can be to urge your happy customers to submit positive reviews about your products and their experience. You can then publish these on your website and social media where they will get the spotlight. It is said that over 50% of people visit the company’s website after reading a positive review. 


Similarly, don’t forget to publish your company’s work for the social cause on social media as it sends out a powerful message about the values a company believes in.


  1. Analyzing your competitors


Watching the moves of the competitors closely is always a plus point for any venture. With the assistance of media monitoring, you can examine what your competitors are doing. Also, you can learn from their mistakes and avoid making those when the situation arises. You can also know about the gaps or improvement areas to enhance your performance. 


There are plenty of things that you can examine and learn from your opponents. Accordingly, you can execute those to make your company reach the top. For example, you can anticipate the next move of your competitor and also, know about threats. This is not all. You can also recognize opportunities and evaluate your company’s performance in the online world.


  1. Be more customer-oriented


Media monitoring plays a vital role in assisting you to know what your customer wants, when is he dissatisfied, when is he happy and when is he more than happy to choose your brand. For example, if any user provides negative feedback with social media monitoring, you can easily get to know and solve the issue. When people read how the company has taken quick action on a complaint, it helps in building trust and credibility. Your prompt response will turn negative reviews into productive publicity.


Apart from responding to and solving negative comments suitably, thanking all those who have posted a positive remark or feedback also helps to build the trust factor and encourages others to post positive remarks. Moreover, if someone has a query, companies can comment and solve it on social media itself to send out the message of how proactive the company is. So, media monitoring helps to be more customer-oriented that helps a lot in the long run.


  1. Media monitoring for influencer marketing


Influencer marketing is the latest buzz as it helps to reach the target audience in a very effective way. Influencers are people with a social media presence who promote products and services by posting positive reviews and experiences on their social media accounts or channels for paid promotion. They endorse products and services. Social media monitoring or social listening helps to identify influencers who are genuine and not fake.   

With the right influencer, you can’t even imagine how far your marketing message can reach. This is because there is no barrier when it comes to online marketing. Don’t just focus on mega or macro-influencers as sometimes micro and nano-influencers are more effective in generating results.


With plenty of social media monitoring tools and services, you can easily track where and when people are discussing your company. Accordingly, you can post an appropriate response and stay connected with your customers. Your objective must be to ensure that your brand is being mentioned for all the right reasons. This will help in building a positive reputation, for sure.

So, use media monitoring wisely and see your business reach new heights. 

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