Living in this modern era, we all know the importance of mobile phones. A device that has been
connecting billions of people through calls and messages. It’s not only that, but it has become a source
of entertainment and earning as well. Nowadays mobile users increase rapidly. With its significance,
mobile accessories have become more essential to users.

These accessories don’t only make the mobile phones look attractive but also bring ease to users, to
avail of its different features. The most used accessories are batteries, chargers, Bluetooth, headset, and
earpods. During this widespread, a large number of people have been buying these accessories to make
life easy.
As nowadays online shopping is increasing so many people avoid going out for shopping, they prefer to
do Online Shopping in Pakistan. There are plenty of stores for shopping mobile accessories, but the 7
most appraised stores in Pakistan are the following:

1. Zoop.PK: Mobile Phones-Accessories Store
Zoop is located at the Main Korangi Road, Karachi. They supply mobile accessories with good quality at
reasonable and affordable rates. Furthermore, they provide good power banks to keep your phones
always charged. Zoop sells diverse products and accessories. You don’t need to go to the market for
these minor things. They can deliver you the accessories within a short time, at your doorsteps.

2. Telemart
Telemart is one of the best online stores in Karachi. They satisfy their customers through their service
and provide good quality. Though they have a variety of items in their store. Customers have been
appreciating them for giving away the most latest accessories at a good rate. They also provide discount
cards and weekly deals for their customers.

3. Cell Point 786
Cell Point 786 is the most visited cell phone store located in Saddar, Karachi. They provide phones and
accessories at stores. And cooperate with customers and satisfy them. They don’t run any official web
page but keep in touch with their customers through Facebook account and contact number.

4. MyShop.PK
This is an online store that gives away a range of mobile accessories at different prices. Which they buy
themselves by the source of most trusted manufacturers like Samsung, Romoss, Xiaomi, Kingston, and
Tronsmart. They have stylus pens that help in accuracy when browsing. Moreover, they provide

accessories like Bluetooth speakers, power banks, SD cards, USB hubs, lightning cables, and power
chargers with warranty.

5. Vmart.PK
This store supplies accessories at best rates in Pakistan, offering a wide range of mobile phone
accessories like Bluetooth headphones, hands-free, AirPods, power banks, and data cables. Additionally,
if you shop smartly you can save up to 25%. It also delivers accessories at home without any charges
throughout the country.

6. Daraz.PK
This store provides many things and accessories but you can find a wide range of mobile accessories.
The prices depend on the quality of stuff. You can make sure and satisfy yourself by going through the
comments which give you ideas about the stuff you are interested in.
Furthermore, it keeps the policy of return and exchange within seven days after getting your parcel. And
supply the use of discount vouchers to their daily customers.

7. Zam Zam Mobile Accessories

This store is located at Abdullah Haroon Road Saddar, Karachi. Talking about this store, this is one of the
best mobile markets selling different accessories at wholesale rates. They provide mobile phones,
batteries, earphones, headphones, data cables, and a variety of electronic accessories for mobile
phones, tablets, and laptops.

Ultimately, among this extensive range of online stores, these stores are up to standard both
product-quality wise as well as satisfactory service for customers. Moreover, in this lockdown situation,
you will find numerous discounted deals on these platforms that will help you buy quality products at
reasonable rates.
Most of these online stores also provide warranties and money-back guarantees to facilitate their
customers and give them freedom of purchasing without any fear of product failure. Mobile accessories
are not a liability but an investment that can make your device work more productively and increase its
Therefore investing in mobile accessories through these verified and reputable online stores is a very
fruitful decision to make full use of your devices at their best.

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