8 Tips To Find Your Unique Writing Style

8 Tips To Find Your Unique Writing Style

Like any other art form, writing is a form of expression of one’s unique thoughts and experiences. Think about it; you hear a song on the radio and you immediately think, “Oh, that’s Taylor Swift!” Sometimes you see a dress and immediately associate it with the designer.


The reason for this immediate association is that these artists have developed a unique style. They have set themselves apart from the rest of the field without compromising the quality of their product.


The same principle applies to creative writing. Whether you hunt for an essay writer for you or are a creative writer yourself, your style, tone, and delivery will set you apart. You can spot a Shakespeare quote almost every time because…it’s William Shakespeare!


But how can you develop a unique writing style and stay relevant in the industry? Let’s go over some of the necessary steps to help you develop a distinctive approach to writing.

Study the greats

Writing is an acquired skill that can only be improved through trial and error. You can learn from the best in the business just like Plato developed a lot of his teaching by following Aristotle. For example, many great basketball players credit their success to studying the great Kobe Bryant’s moves — the Mamba mentality.


But you don’t have to copy their style in toto.  Go through their works and identify the strong points. How do they express their ideas? Is their tone somber, humorous, or a hybrid? What literary devices frequently appear in their work?


Note all these key features and try to incorporate them into your writing.

Write from personal experience

Pro essay writers and fiction writers will always tell you that the best narratives are based on real events. The nostalgic feeling evokes emotions that make the expression of ideas more original.


Also, making up stories from scratch often tempts you to copy other people’s styles as a quick fix for lack of inspiration.

Add your own spin

Free essay writers online always have to worry about plagiarism. Well, creative writers face the same problem.


“You sound like Hemingway” can be a compliment and an accusation at the same time.


Even if you are in love with someone’s style, you need to add your own spin to the style of expression.


Liken it to a dunk contest. You have seen all the dunks, but when someone comes up with a unique way of executing the same dunk, the crowd always goes berserk.


If you want to improve your description of events, you can participate in one and attempt to replicate the experience in writing. Your experience, combined with an impeccable memory, will bring out a unique perspective on that event.


This method works for creative and academic writers alike.

Write to express, not impress

You can check out the works of the best essay writers online. They are always focused on expressing their ideas clearly rather than bombarding their essays with the Thesaurus synonyms.


While describing a scene, you should always focus on the senses. Don’t fall in love with the words; they are mere instruments. You are trying to portray a feeling — a relatable experience.


What can you see, hear, or feel in the text?


The way you describe a scene will always stand out to your readers if done correctly. And keeping it simple will make you sound less like a snob.


Learn the rules (and break them)

Breaking conventions is a perfect way to make your writing distinctive. But hold on a second: if you are yet to hone your skills to perfection, you must abide by the rules. Most avid readers don’t forgive blatant disregard for writing conventions.


After all, who are you to ignore the rules?


But when you have demonstrated a proper understanding of writing conventions, you can break them without irking readers.


You can also read the works of famous writers and their ability to stress an idea by avoiding conventions.

Practice regularly

Practice. Repetitions. Rehearsals.


These are the fastest ways to ace a skill. Do you think Tiger Woods mastered the flawless golf stroke by chance? Of course not. That takes years of constant practice and repetition — and he still misses simple putts regularly.


You can only improve your writing by regularly taking up challenges. During your free time, scribble a short story or write a blog post — anything to keep your creative juices flowing.


Find a journal to track your progress. With time, you will notice your unique style taking shape.

Stay away from cliches

This point has been stressed so much that it is almost becoming a cliche now. But it is simple logic: you can’t stand out if you are doing the same thing as everybody.


Understandably, people fall in the cliche rabbit hole because of insecurity — a sense of inadequacy.


Don’t ever tell yourself that you aren’t good enough. Eliminating self-doubt will help you take more risks in your writing.

Never stop adapting

Don’t worry about perfection; you will never attain it. But that doesn’t mean you should stop aiming to improve your skills. Go through your writing regularly to spot flaws and fix them.


Also, we often get ‘married’ to our work and feel that changing it will affect us. Don’t be afraid to change something if it doesn’t work. Continue trying out new ideas until you find the perfect fit.


Writing with your own distinctive style is always refreshing. It gives you a sense of originality and helps you stand out from the pile. Learn from the best writers around and use these skills to boost your writing arsenal. Never stop practicing until you can see yourself in your writing.



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