A Guide to Getting Your Kids Prepared for Preschool this Fall

You might be shocked at how quickly time flies. One second, your child is a newborn, depending on you for everything, and the next second, they are independent little rascals, preparing for preschool.

If you are like most other parents, you are anxious about your child starting preschool, and you realize how important this milestone is in your child’s development. If your child is heading into preschool this fall, there are a number of questions you might have and reassurances you will need. Luckily, we have written this guide to help you prepare your child for preschool.

  • Academic skills

While you are sending your child to school to sharpen their academic skills, 2-3 year olds are expected to already have some basic knowledge of things like numbers and writing. If your child heads into preschool already knowing how to count, they will find addition, subtraction and other math much easier. Similarly, if you have been practicing reading and writing with your child, they will be ready to develop those skills with the lessons their teachers give in class.

While waiting for school to start, help your kids practice their math with free math worksheets for preschool age, and pay attention to things like how they turn pages of books and how they hold their writing materials.

  • Life skills

Teachers and even your children will greatly benefit if you teach your kids some of the basic life skills like feeding themselves, and potty training. Children learn a lot of things from school, but the very first things they learn in their lives come from their parents. It is important that you train your kids to have healthy habits like washing their hands, and also having some small sense of independence. It does wonders for your child’s confidence.

  • Social skills

Socialization is one of the reasons parents send their kids off to preschool as soon as they are old enough for it. Although the academic aspect of school is important, the ability for children to effectively communicate and socialize with adults and other children is equally important. Before you send your child to preschool, make sure that they are able to communicate and express themselves to a reasonable extent.

 Remember that your child is going into an environment where you and other familiar faces will not be around, and they might be overwhelmed by the new faces and surroundings. They will need to express their thoughts and wishes. Also, your child will need to co-exist with other children. Preschool will polish up your child’s social skills, and teach them how to share, be kind, and express empathy to others.

Preschool might seem like the biggest step in your child’s life yet, but it does not have to be a terrifying event for you or your child.

These skills are some of the most basic skills that will make your child’s transition into preschool easier on the both of you. Start grooming your child in these three areas, and help them work on the skills where they might be lacking.

You will be pleased to see how these skills manifest in your child’s excitement to go to preschool, and them excelling there.

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