Best Advantages of Using Unified Communications as a Service

Digital transformation is evolving at an excellent pace. The moment you are convinced that your business is tuned with the industrial trends, another technology surfaces up, sending you back to square one.

While most of the technologies are focused on automation and organization, not much has been said about organizational communication. As so it seems, collaboration amongst the members and with the customers is of paramount importance and this is where the idea of unified communications peeps in. 

unified communications as a service

What is Unified Communications? 

Unified communications in its simplest form refer to the integration of all kinds of communication under a single roof. Starting with messaging to emails, video conferencing and voice calling, all of the channels are united to be routed through a single channel. 

In the absence of unified communications, organizations and their employees need to track every channel separately. This increases the complexity within the system and, at times, adds to the lowered productivity of the organization.

What are Unified Communications as a Service? 

Unified communication as a service is nothing but the cloud-hosted model of unified communications, powered by a virtual phone number. What this means is instead of having the on-premise software & dedicated hardware, business organizations can now benefit from the UCaaS model as provided by third-party service providers. 

All of the back end maintenance and monitoring operation is executed by the service providers, freeing the service providers and allowing them to focus on essential communication terms. 

Benefits of UCaaS 

  • All Round Flexibility 

Irrespective of the device or the type of communication you indulge in, the unified communications as a service aids all. Unified communications are one form of communication that renders total flexibility giving users the ease to communicate as per their convenience. Whether within the team inland or overseas, the service can be deployed to facilitate error-free communication. 

Where the traditional form of communication is siloed and requires rigorous efforts to keep up with the team, unified communications and collaboration foster hassle-free connectivity with a single platform for all. Besides this, the communication channel comes with various features such as internal chat, mobile conferencing, instant messaging, etc. 

  • Enhanced Customer Support

Customers today hold tremendous value and importance. It is the need of every business to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Now given the existing infrastructure, adhering to the request and issues of a customer isn’t apt. Not to mention the manual tracking of calls is fallible. 

On the contrary, UCaaS has plenty of features that aid communication with all. With a mobile app, agents can stay connected remotely, whereas the IVR feature ensures that the call is transferred to the right agent. Additional benefits include call recording, video conferencing, and instant messaging. Adopting such a solution, you can be assured that all your customers are addressed and answered. This in a way, leads to better customer service, keeping them satisfied and happy. 

  • Quick Collaboration

Since unified communications and collaboration comes with a virtual number that employees can access using an app, they are always active and can respond to the customers at the earliest. Also, No longer does an employee or the agent need the stay at the office to conduct meetings or share documents. All of this can be done through the channel and within a blink of an eye. 

As so, it appears, unified communications accelerate the pace of communication, which further speeds up and enhance the quality of interaction with remote teams. All in all, it fuels an instant connection with customers as well as peers. 

  • Reduced Cost 

UCaaS is a cloud-based service and rendered by third-party service providers. To employ the solution, organizations need to buy a plan. No cost is incurred in purchasing dedicated hardware to set up and install the same. All that’s required is to lease the software solution and continue communicating within your organization. All of this reduces the overall cost of communication benefitting the enterprise. 

  • Automated Backup & Maintenance

As UC is a third party solution software, the backup and updates are automated and done by the service provider itself. The business owner need not spare time and resources to track the software and fix errors if any. This frees the time of the leader who can now use its staff to do better and productive work. 

  • Continued Security

Being a cloud solution, security may have been a concern. However, UCaaS comes with end to end encryption and total safety. All of your data is secured through stringent protocols warding off all possibilities of attacks or hacks. 

As we End it…

With a virtual phone number for your business, you can now optimize communication in the organization. From enhancing the call quality to reducing the cost of operation, UC is all you need to better your enterprise collaboration mapping the needs of customers. 

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