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Brittanya Razavi was born in Oxnard, California, USA, on 7 July 1985. Her mother made her name, at least Brittanya thinks so. In her interview with Reality Tea in 2009, Brittanya claimed herself to be a Mexican.

Fashion and appearance

More than merely adding another tattoo on her entire body, Brittanya loves playing with her hairstyle. She’s got her natural hair color, but no one knows what color will soon be next. As stated by the photos which can be located on the Internet, Brittanya has tried many hair colors, maybe not being fearful of changes like red, brown, grey, fuchsia, purple, black, mermaid green and fiery crimson, wearing dreadlocks, wigs, and hair extensions, and even with a portion of her head shaved. Back in 2013, she dyed her son’s own hair blond.

She has not tried to cover up the simple fact of her appearance modifications. Her Instagram account description says, “100 percent Not Natural”. Folks keep asking whether she’s had implants or any surgery or injections, and fans protect Brittanya replying such comments because of her, saying she never denied her beauty was built with the help of specialists, also was a consequence of work of cosmetic or plastic surgeons, fitness instructors, and nutritionists.

Brittanya mentioned her husband had been a college graduate with two degrees. However, there is absolutely no information to ensure that, so we just believe her words. They have two sons; also, Brittanya shares her photos, perhaps not showing every other child, or at the one that was eldest, she gave birth to when she was 15. According to her recent photos, together with sons, Brittanya appears to feel confident being a mother, though in the day she considered herself a poor mom: ‘I understand that I’m not the ideal mum because I am not always around.

However, all that matters to me personally is my son. He is eight years, so he’s no longer a baby. He knows that I would kill and die for him. He knows that he is my world, and his opinion will be the only person’s opinion that I worry about. He is my very best friend. That I talk to him every single day and I like him to death’, she shares in her meeting for Reality Tea.

Having virtually all sections of her body covered with tattoos, Brittanya keeps planning for more and more, her thirst doesn’t appear to be dissipating anytime soon ‘…and I am going to do a little more in my thighs,.. get something in my throat…’. Brittanya in fact had her very first tattoo at age 11, the man who achieved it has grown to become an amazing artist, so he’s done the majority of the tattoos on her body. He covered the tattoo when Brittanya had been 11.

Personal life and Relationships


In her interview for MMA Sports Magazine, Brittanya acknowledged: that’s the one thing I despise, being lonely. My own lifestyle is never understood by guys, although I would like a boyfriend so badly. On a regular basis, it’s therefore hard with me always on the move’. She was heard and finally found that one person who might understand and encourage her.

Lucky Moe Razavi became that very special man to whom Brittany dedicates long posts of appreciation for everything he has done on her behalf :’After I had been locked up; He would drive six hours round trip every Saturday to see me for seven weeks straight. When I fired all my workers, he said he would simply take over and help me and oversee all of my organizations’, she writes.


Being arrested for threatening a woman, Brittanya pleaded guilty and spent some time in prison. Her bail was a quarter of a thousand dollars, as she said in her meeting for Reality Tea in ’09, also that time is valuable, and you only need to be a person and disappear from situations’, shares Brittanya.

She was charged with assault with a deadly weapon resulting in bodily harm, also Brittanya says, used all the cash she had to pay her lawyer and all she could do was to have patience and pray:’ surprisingly, I make prayers just like every single night. I pray three times every day.

I’m really into God and things. I feel I’m only going to leave it’. When convicted, she could have spent years in prison, but in fact, she did not. All she ever cared about was being aside from her children for a very long period of time.

At the moment, Brittanya’s dad is completely free, and she appears to love him no matter what happens in their lifetime. Dubbing herself a’daddy’s girl,” Brittanya posted an image of herself and her dad with a comment: “I put no one above you.” She calls him Hero’ : ‘He taught me to be strong, independent, positive’ — she shares her Instagram followers.

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Net worth

In 2016 the numbers were posted by Brittanya from her Connect Pal account. According to her article, she’d 4,121 active users (and that she asked for greater subscribers for to 5500 in total) who paid $70,057 a month. Her FB page shared a hyperlink to a post asserting her to own $6 million net worth.

She grew up in a family, the youngest, together with four siblings. She mentioned that love was the importance for them: ‘I adored having my siblings around, it was a blessing. My dad taught us to always take care of each other, and that’s what we did’. The support and love of her family did actually make Brittanya very hard-working and strong at childhood since she said she got her first car at age 12 and her very first job when she was 13.

Education and Schooling

Brittanya is claimed to have attended a private school and a college in California, however, there is no appropriate information disproving or proving her graduation. But Brittanya insists that it’s more valuable to maintain on self-developing: ‘Proper education will make you a living!’

Success Story

She is also a co-author of the publication known as”Millionaire Self Chat” that is promised to be a DIY book to help guide ones every day goals and motivation to succeed.

Within her interview for Reality Tea in 2009, she admits she took those shows seriously and was very disappointed to be expunged, perhaps maybe not winning some of them. However, her popularity grew and that she graced a significant magazine’s cover, including Savage Tattoo, Tattoo Magazine, MMA Sports Magazine, Revel Ink, Sports Magazine, and Tattoo Energy. Back in 2012, Brittanya needed a slight role in a movie called”Dysfunctional Friends; the picture’s evaluation on IMDb is 5.30.

Their life changed in per day when her father was shot to prison, leaving his wife and also to look after each other and his children to reside by themselves.


Brittanya is a co-founder, co-owner, and also a designer of a clothing brand known as “187 Avenue” (Section 187 (often referenced in S Lang simply as 187) of the California Penal Code defines the crime of murder). Provocative prints, offender life quotes, firearms, indigenous Americans’ portraits on clothing (even for children and babies) are now being sold worldwide.

Instagram success

Since she told InkedMag in 2017, it had been Instagram that gave her success:’Reality shows were my stepping stone. I absolutely have more attention through Instagram than I ever had on TV… Throughout the Instagram photos, I feel convinced, I feel joyful.’

One can say it’s obvious she’s drawn so many followers on Instagram though Brittanya herself is convinced it’s not pretty much the ‘hot images.’ ‘after it first started, that has been timing I’d say…coming on the app. And it is also being blessed with the viewers that wanted to trace me. And always staying in line using brand new photos that I think my audience would really like. Therefore it’s a combination of those three things, and I am so grateful for every single day’.

Brittanya Razavi Body Measurements

Brittanya is reported to become 5ft 2 ins (1.58m) tall, weighs around 123lbs (56 kgs) along with her key numbers are 36D-25-35. She’s long hair that she dyes often and hazel eyes.
Brittanya Razavi is famous as being a glamour model, a television-style, and a TV shows contestant. 12,5 million people follow her Instagram account, and also the amount is just getting bigger. Who is she, and why she attained this popularity? We have tried to discover the story of her success.

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‘I am aware I won’t be able to always depend on my looks, so I’m dedicated to having cashflow when I can not make money off pictures. At this time, I have my rental properties, my new 187 Clothing, and I am always searching for the hustle’, states Brittanya.

Back then Brittanya was 15 yrs old already having her firstborn son, and she missed her daddy, at exactly the time she admitted that at that young age she had been prepared for adult life and knew that she could tolerate it.

However, things weren’t so easy for Brittanya. ‘At one point in the entire life, I was homeless. Therefore I’ve lived and seen it all ‘, said Brittanya in another of her Facebook posts.
Brittanya also includes an adult site BrittanyaTV on the StreamX platform, which features a subscription. An individual can get access to her private adult videos and photos.

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