Business ideas for women: Small business ideas for women

Every women needs a business that will support her work, in this contains five top business ideas for women or small business ideas for women

As a woman or a lady, you will need to start a small business to support your existing work, or probably you might not be working and you need to start a small business. In this post, I will be listing small business ideas for women which you can start will little or no funds, business ideas for women at home.

In as much that you need to start a business, there are some things you need to start a business which I have written down, click here to know what you need to start a business.

In today’s world, business has taken over the world, people don’t actually value with collar jobs, and they actually go into businesses even though they have a certificate. You never can tell what that business can lead you to.

One basic fact is that most rich business men and women started little and they made it big. You don’t need to start big to make it big, after all mansions are never built in a day.


I will be listing out up to five small business ideas for women whom you can start immediately; you don’t need much capital to start.


It’s so certain that this small business idea that people neglected. Tailoring business can actually fetch you a lot of profits. You apparently don’t need a shop to start; from your comfort zone you can start make clothes for people.

You might think the capital to start this business might be high, you might be wrong. With just $100, you can start tailoring business. The basic thing you need is a sewing machine and the knowledge. Probably, you could get a sewing b machine for just $80 depending on the size.

You can actually use $20 to get the knowledge you need to know. But one surprising thing is the fact that you can actually get this knowledge you need by just watching YouTube videos. We have neglected YouTube.

To get more customers, you can post on social Medias telling people about your designs, you can even take a few pictures and show people you hand work. Definitely people will be interested. This is a perfect example of business ideas for women at home


There is a high demand of hair dressers now and it’s an opportunity for you to start your own firm. You don’t even need as shop to state this business; you can start with home a service that is going to peoples home to render your service to them.

You will definitely need the knowledge on how to go about it and you can actually watch some videos online or you pay to learn. One interesting thing about being a hair dresser is the fact that you don’t even need much capital to start, with just $70 you can start.

The money will be used to buy the tools you need for your business and probably pay to get the knowledge you need ton start the business. Tell your female friends you make hairs and render services to them at a lower cost, believe me they will inform their friends also.

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This is a very good business ideas for women in as much you have the knowledge and the tools you need to start, you are god to go.


You can actually start cosmetics business if you wish to or makeup artist. In terms of cosmetics, you can actually be selling cosmetics related products for ladies. You might need a shop to start or you might just be delivering the products to people at home.

Mind you, delivering products for people at home might cause you a lot of money that’s why it’s advisable to have a shop where you can display your products. Thinking of where to buy theses products? You can order them from overseas.

You can buy from aliexpress and other online shops, but aliexpress is quite good for a start. In terms of makeup artist, it’s advisable to start with your friends probably for free or little funds. Take a picture of what you have done and tell people about it, your friends can also help you advertise it when they go out.

Being a makeup artist is never a day job, you need to learn the basic knowledge you need to start. One advice I will give those upcoming makeup artist is the customer satisfaction. Give them the exact specifications they need and definitely the will come back over and over again and even invite their friends. Perfect example of small business ideas for women


Everybody wants to learn a new thing on daily basis, ask yourself what is that thing I know that people will love to know? Is it knowledge on entrepreneurship or something valuable, you can actually start a teaching class where you educate people on what you know?

Definitely you need a hall where you can teach people that will cost a lot of dollars depending on your location. Another mighty challenge you will face is getting people to attend your classes. One way to bypass that is to pay for adverts.

Example, pay to get your ideas on newspaper or magazines or pay for sponsored ads on social Medias and many paid advertisement platform. Good example of small business ideas for women.


Can you write? If yes, you can start a typing business. This kind of business basically comprises of writing for people probably letters, projects, assignments and many more. You need a laptop to start this business and also a printing machine.

Why this business is very profitable is fact that people need writers, fast writers to get their work load done. Apart from that, university students need to type their respective projects and you could be of help and get paid for it.

$1000 is enough to start this business and d also tell people that you are a good writer. Also show them samples of your recent works. Other business ideas for women.


There much other small business ideas for women you can actually do, to mention few of it, do well to start one of them and watch your profit grow.
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