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Do you live in Florida and require reasonably priced auto insurance coverage? Look no further than Cash Register Insurance Company, who has been providing exceptional client service and low-cost coverage options to Florida drivers for nearly 25 years.

This auto insurance carrier continues to grow at a fast rate, and has offices throughout the state. As well as offering accessible, in-person client service, Cash Register Insurance joined with Direct General Insurance and is now listed on the website and broker base.

Types of Cash Register Insurance Coverages

The company is a direct auto insurance provider focusing primarily on Florida no-fault auto insurance. We offer significantly lower rates than our competitors, and a variety of coverage options, including: liability-only car insurance, collision auto insurance, and full coverage insurance.

No matter if you have a new sports vehicle priced above $100,000 or an old van valued below $2,000, you can find top-quality, affordable insurance protection. Cash Register Insurance provides convenient monthly packages to suit any budget. No-fault packages are only $29 per month, which is often less than $1 dollar a day auto insurance. This is why we are considered one of the best-priced insurers in the United States.

Policies can be conveniently purchased online or through specialized brokers. We offer flexible payment options to suit your needs: Choose to purchase your policy in full and receive a discount of 2%, or pay favorable monthly premiums. Start a free personalized quote online by simply entering your zip code.

Fast Cash Register Insurance Claim Service

Our collaborative relationship with policyholders—based on confidence and excellent service—is one of the many reasons for the Company’s success.

Vehicle owners can rest assured that should an accident occur; Cash Register Insurance will be there 24/7 to provide support. Clients receive fast claim payouts and personalized assistance from our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clients often rate Cash Register Insurance as excellent and renew their insurance policy with us each year.

Cash Register Insurance Online

Since merging with Direct Auto Insurance, Cash Register Insurance policies are now available online at To contact an insurance broker, call 877–463-4732 and have your questions answered easily. To get started with a free quote, simply enter your zip code online. Or, feel free to stop by one of our many offices for your free, personalized quote:

Cash Register Insurance Company
1330 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 375-2274

Florida No-Fault Auto Insurance Requirements

The company offers tailored policies to meet the unique insurance regulations of Florida state. One of these requirements is that motor vehicles with four or more wheels must have vehicle insurance with two auto coverage sets:

Property Damage Liability (PDL)
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Florida PIP Insurance Coverage

Under Florida’s no-fault state regulations, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) offers coverage for you and your passengers when an accident with personal injuries takes place. The PIP insurance plan covers any person hurt in the car accident, whether or not they were responsible for the accident. For this reason, it is known as Florida no-fault car insurance. Anyone who owns a vehicle must purchase a minimum PIP of $10,000. PIP also covers:

Pedestrians hit by vehicles
Bicyclists and skateboarders harmed by automobiles
Children injured on a school bus

What Does No-Fault Auto Insurance Cover?
No less than $10,000 in coverage needs to be included in the policy for either PDL or PIP. PDL insurance covers damages that you or an authorized motorist of your vehicle caused to someone’s private property in the act of driving your car. Also, in the event you strike another car in a parking area or come across a neighbor’s fence, you will be covered up to the amount of your plan’s limit.

However, because this kind of protection is liability only, damages to your own vehicle will not be included. Liability insurance pays out exclusively for injuries caused to another person’s (or other people’s) property if you were are at fault for the accident.

Is Florida No-Fault Auto Insurance Enough for Young Drivers?

Although Florida law requires insurance companies to include certain levels of liability coverage, it is always wise to get extra coverage to protect yourself. Cash Register liability insurance can be acquired with monthly installments of approximately $30. For young motorists, Cash Register Insurance offers the best way to be legally protected at minimal cost.

Florida High-Risk Vehicle Insurance

Those with poor driving records who require vehicle insurance can get affordable, no-fault Florida insurance protection. High-risk drivers may still end up well-covered with Cash Register Insurance. As well, the company is the solution for drivers with low credit scores in search of inexpensive coverage.

High-risk motorist programs start at $600 per year. Cash Register Insurance accommodates many budgets, with some plans providing the first month of coverage with a down payment of only $20.

No matter if you’re a safe motorist in search of Florida’s most affordable auto insurance or someone with poor driving history needing instant coverage, Cash Register Insurance’s offers no down payment insurance online can help you save a lot. Apply now to get a no-cost quote and find the insurance policy you need for much less.

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