Businesses in Australia today heavily rely on digital marketing. These strategies help generate more visits to your site, which ultimately translates into sales. So, the key is to optimize web-traffic to your site by adopting different methods. Most businesses seek the help of a digital marketing agency and outsource all their content. This way, you do not have to stress over the groundwork, and you can sit back and enjoy the results, which can be revealed by a content audit.

Here are some proven ways to increase online footfall through digital marketing.


  1. Opt for a mix

As there is no one magic formula for success in content marketing, you have to vary the formats and length of your content, so make content to suit different audiences. Alternate between short and long-form content along with infographics, video, etc.


  1. Write Captivating Headlines

Headlines are the signposts to your content. Make it interesting enough to grab people’s attention immediately. Without a compelling header, even the most engaging content can go unnoticed. Making it relevant to the customer is crucial.


  1. Give due attention to on-page SEO

It is a crucial aspect of increasing traffic as it directly brings customers to your portals. Optimize your content for search engines. It is invaluable to your company’s growth and in gaining prospective clients.


  1. Focus on long-tail keywords

    Once you have covered your popular keywords, focus on long-tail keywords. These account for a majority of searches made online. It stands to mean that if you do not focus on them, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.


  1. Do a content audit

If a content audit is well-executed, it can deliver invaluable insights into your website and content marketing strategies. Do it periodically, preferably annually. Most of the content posted online soon becomes irrelevant as it gets outdated. It is ideal for auditing the content to make necessary changes and improvements.

The following are the benefits of such a process

  • It involves taking a look at the content on your website and assessing its strengths and weaknesses.
  • This process helps prioritize your future marketing strategies.
  • It is a qualitative assessment and evaluation built on Key Performance Indicators that you have chosen beforehand.


When done correctly, a content audit will help you answer the following questions you might have

  • Which content pieces are the best-performing ones?
  • What topics do the audience relate to the most?
  • Which posts are outdated?


What should you hope to get out of your audit?

Be clear about your vision for the data from the audit. Having a clear idea of what the goals are will help you execute them better.

Some of the potential goals are:

  • To identify ways and means to improve organic search performance.
  • To discover which content in the past has performed exceedingly well.
  • To determine which topics your audience seems to prefer.
  • Figure out the gaps in your content.
  • Make a note of pages or content with the strongest impressions but low conversion rates.
  • Generate inventive ideas for future content.
  • Eliminate and avoid content that no longer reflects or aids your business or niche.



These steps mentioned above will help you to optimize your strengths. A content audit will help you understand your customer’s behaviour and allows you to cater to their needs accordingly; what interests them the most, and how you can produce future content based on this information. It helps you assess your current performance and what steps you need to take to outperform others in the digital market.





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