Dana DeLorenzo is an American superstar famous for her acting in the horror and comedy genre. Her most widely known series is Ash vs Evil Dead that captured her multiple nominations at various film award festivals. She does the voicing for any variety of shows and is valued by the fans for her acting and voice over skills alike.

Dana: On set -Ash and Evil Dead


The American actress was born on January 1 in the year 1983 on Phyllis DeLorenzo in Youngstown, Ohio, the United States and Jerry DeLorenzo. She happens to be full of talent and creativity. As a toddler, she had been intrigued by the radio and tape recorder and was able to record her voice for pleasure.

Dana at an event

Solid truths about Dana DeLorenzo

Dana DeLorenzo is of Sicilian descent, meaning she’s got origins in Italy.

By ethnicity, she’s a Caucasian.

Her star is Capricorn

She performed for the first time as a toddler in the radio commercials’ industry for a clothing store’s advertisement.

Dana DeLorenzo has received multiple nominations for acting at the comedy and terror genre, Ash vs Evil Dead, but was not able to gain an award. She was nominated twice, both for her character Kelly at Fangoria chain saw Awards, in 2017 and 2016. She was nominated for the award of The Best Actress at iHorror Awards in 2017.

Dana DeLorenzo once won a competition on Halloween where she had been dressed up like Amy Winehouse (a singer). Surprisingly, many years later she was part of a tribute band with a very similar name, House of Winehouse

Dana making a scary face


She completed her education at DePaul University, Chicago. She was part of musical shows and live plays and her band, House of all Winehouse, had been in popular. The ring had been hailed as the best band in its category.

Dana with a reflective knife


While in the movie industry, Dana DeLorenzo earned a fantastic sum of money. She made millions of dollars when she starred in the movie, A very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, The Ones, Two and October Surprise. She also appeared in many comedy collections. One of them the most widely known is Ash vs Evil Dead. Others include Eagleheart, Sullivan & Son (an American sitcom) and Driving Arizona. She hasn’t yet disclosed her worth exactly to the media, and there are still some rough quotes about her earnings. According to a quote in 2019, her net worth is within a hundred thousand and a million US dollars.

Dana showing the middle finger


Abbott and Costello’s Who is on first was the first show she performed, when she was just 11. The show was performed in cooperation with her brother, and they received applause.

Dana discussing with a co-star on set

Public Perception

In an interview, Dana Delorenzo describes the people’s opinion of her show Ash vs Evil Dead. She tells that the audiences (including her family), who were not into terror movies or shows, applauded the show. Dana’s convincing performance made just anyone who watches the show a massive fan of hers, whatever she and her partners did in the series was loved by not only the general audience but also her loved ones.

Interestingly, Dana DeLorenzo’s first act was as a toddler in a radio firm where she promoted for a clothing shop. DeLorenzo has additionally worked for a few of America’s most prominent radio chat shows. In 2012, she worked alongside Craig Ferguson,who also conducted the American talk show, The Late Late Show.

Even though Los Angeles was the place where she had been destined to be prosperous in life, she loathed it. She would usually set the dialogues and try to incorporate them several times while stuck in traffic , and attempting to maneuver to her workplace at the other side of town.



Dana DeLorenzo is involved in an intense affair with her spouse; Craig Ferguson. Craig Ferguson is a Scottish-American that was a show’s host. There’s not any news about their union at this time, and that you also don’t see photos of them together on Facebook or Instagram. She doesn’t like to share with you much info regarding her dating life.

Dana DeLorenzo is famous for her versatile acting along with beautiful adaptations. Many fans tremendously valued her live performance at The best of Craigslist. Her fantastic love for humor while performing acts captured her audience who have collectively selected her for several comedy shows where she’s shone like a star. She’s been cast in shows and movies since she transferred into LA.

She said in a meeting that her loved ones, particularly her mom, did not approve of Kelly’s character. The most important reason was the utilization of language that is abusive and strong. Her mom experienced an awareness of disapproval, although she would always try to convince her mother that it’s merely some dialogues that are part of the script.

Social Media

DeLorenzo strongly desires to have frequent online presence. She is active on almost all the popular social media websites. She has more than 57 thousand Facebook followers, where she shares articles related to her films and her daily activities. On Twitter, her following surpasses 43.3 million, while her Instagram account has over 54.8 thousand followers.

Dana having wild fun


Dana DeLorenzo has a melodious voice. The fans love her for her usage of words. For doing voice-over jobs, many companies hired DeLorenzo. One of her voice-overs comprises Esmeralda‘s nature in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She also did a voice-over project for shows. One of her roles includes her function in Mancow’s Morning Madhouse.

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