Meet this Beautiful Lawyer: Diane Addonizio Howie Long Wife

Diane Addonizio

Diane Addonizio was born on January 1, 1960, and she is a lawyer and businesswoman. She grew up in a Catholic family, but there is no information for her parents nor her siblings.

Diane, as Previously Mentioned, Is a lawyer. She attended Villanova University and, soon after, registered and graduated from the University of California School of Law. She majored in Classical Studies Also. Diane is American by nationality and can be of North-American ethnicity.

Net worth

Lawyers are one of the top paid in the world and what do you expect from a businesswoman and lawyer? well her net worth is about $1.1 million.

Diane Addonizio body measurements

Diane is 5 ft 8 inches tall and weighs approximately 128 pounds.

Is Diane Addonizio single or married?

Diane came into fame when she married her long-time wife, now husband, Howie Hong. Howie is a celebrity, and also more broadly recognized since the former National Football League defensive end.

Diane and Howie had their first child, a son, at 1985. Two or three years after, they had yet another 2 boys.


Today, Diane is still a non-practicing attorney. Her focus now is mainly on her husband and children.

Immediately, after acquiring a diploma in Law, Addonizio chased her career projects from the legal industry, Placing himself as a bonafide lawyer, the New Jerseyite was dead set on attaining career landmarks.

Even though this may be accurate, Diane was successful and notable as a businesswoman later. Nothing in life comes free of charge, and nothing should be taken for granted; there is always a window opportunity that one takes it or loses it.

Also, even when a single flounder progresses in a specified course, with hard work, there’ll always be moments wherever the opportunity presents itself in many unusual ways. Diane was not meant to prosper from the law firm but instead as a businesswoman, to put it differently.

Subsequently, after her marriage, the Redbank native chose upon devoting her law profession and direct her attention towards the family. In like manner, entering the company world proved valuable as it siphoned in many prospective investors.

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