Georges LeBar

Better called RuPaul’s spouse, Georges LeBar is an Australian painter, poet, and writer. LeBar keeps his life away in the media despite being wed to RuPaul, who’s an Emmy Award’
winning TV personality.

Jotting down his ideas and altering them into vibrant canvases, Georges runs a 50,000-acre ranch in Wyoming, where he spends most of his time. Keeping his life away in the media, LeBar attempts to keep his life confidential.

He doesn’t only seem quite tall and manly but also has a good body figure. His body figure measurements include his chest which is forty-four inches, his waist is 34 inches, along with his hips which measure 38 inches. Georges LeBar has a top size of 16 inches, plus he also wears no. 14 as his shoe size. LeBar’s height measures 6′ 5″, and his weight is 98 Kg approximately. He has Dark Brown eyes as well as Dark Brown hair.

Georges LeBar

Education / Family

Georges LeBar was born and grew up in Australia and since he has proceeded to keep to his life and hasn’t disclosed any information about his family and friends. He’s also chosen not to reveal some information about his educational history also.

  • Title: Georges Lebar
  • Nickname: Georges
  • Birth Location: Australia
  • Date Of Birth: January 24, 1973
  • Age: 47 years

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In centimeters — 201 cm

In feet and inches — 6′ 5″


  • In pounds — 216 pounds
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Profession: Author and Painter
  • Sexual Orientation: Gay (Homosexual)
  • College Not known Religion: Christianity Nationality: AustralianHome Town: Australia
  • Fathers Name: Title Not Known
  • Mothers Title: Title Not Known
  • Brothers Name: Known
  • Sister Title: Known

Georges LeBar

Net Worth

As he prevents the media’s spotlight, Georges LeBar hasn’t disclosed many details of his life. However, it’s known that he possesses a massive chunk of land at the United States of America and earns his wealth by committing the property to various organizations. The total net value estimated for Georges LeBar is $1.5 million US Dollars as of now.


Career / Fashion And Style

Not overly fond of public looks LeBar is known for keeping his entire life from Social Networks and is
known to live a low life. A published author and writer LeBar, has released a group of his oil canvases in 2007 named ‘Six Inches Away.’ According to C. M. Clark’s amazing poems, his next book,‘Pillow Talk,’ is a collection of his paintings that was also printed in the same calendar year.

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LeBar fulfilled RuPaul on his 21st birthday in New York. Back in January 2017 the couple formally tied the knot Following a curiously long relationship of 23 years. Throughout a private service, the couple decided to make their long-term relationship official.

Georges LeBar

Top Facts you didn’t know About Georges Lebar

  • George was immensely taller than average in age 12, with his height measuring over 6 feet. He has traveled to a lot of places and has lived in Florida and New York.
  • After his partner’s TV show Named RuPaul’s Drag Race won the award in the “Outstanding Reality Competition Series” Georges attended the Red Carpet occasion in September 2019 in the Emmy Awards.
  • Georges spends all his time in the ranch and does not care about show business and popularity. He gets dressed in Western wear when RuPaul visits. In Douglas, Wyoming, he inherited a 60 thousand acres ranch out of his American grandparents, which is partially in South Dakota Territory.
  • Georges leases a part of the ranch to others which contain water to the petroleum companies, land to cattle ranchers, and mineral rights.
  • On October 4, 2007, he published his debut book titled Pillowtalk, a “collection of poetry and
    Painting” Six Inches Off, which consisted of his paintings, is a book he published the following day.
  • Since RuPaul spends most of his time in Los Angeles, California,Georges and RuPaul see each other approximately once in 3 weeks

.Georges LeBar

  • Georges needs to have kids, but because of a busy schedule, that would lead to negligence. RuPaul is not happy with the idea.
  • RuPaul that is 6 feet 4 and is tall himself, noticed Georges’s height at the night that they met. Since he never hugged a person taller than him, he tried to put his arms around Georges’ shoulders.
  • Only a week later after he met RuPaul; they were on a flight on Elton John’s private jet from London to Düsseldorf.

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