“It’s great to see the expression on people’s faces once we return their automobiles to them. In every case, they have had a vehicle for a long time and are either too old or can’t afford to fix them.”

Fuzz Townshend

Who is Fuzz ? Bio, Location and Family

Fuzz is an experienced mechanic who is familiar with cars and incredibly passionate about it.

You should have a peek at Fuzz Townshend, if you’re interested in somebody with an adorable family and a hands-on career. While many celebs are attempting to climb the career ladder without even focusing on the incumbent aspects like family, personal relationships and a skill set, Townshend has managed to offer sufficient time for his kids and wife. He’s renowned for hosting that the reality show’s SOS,’ which airs on Fox Channel and also National Geographic.

Townshend is presently living in Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire, with his spouse Cressida and children. Fuzz and Cressida have three children, Honour  Oscar, and Jonny. Honour is the name of his eldest son and was born in 1998,  (now 21 years of age). Johnny Townshend, 17, and Oscar born in 2002.

Fuzz Townshend


Fuzz Townshend married his spouse Cressida Townshend after a relationship which lasted a few decades, but Fuzz never shared their involvement in the front of the camera. In other news, Fuzz Townshend clarified why he does this:

Fuzz maintains his family that way because he doesn’t need to complicate their lives and relationships. Townshend is a caring and loving father, as well as a good husband.

Date of birth

Fuzz Townshend AKA John Richard Keith Townshend was created on 31st 1964. Fuzz has distinct Afro hair from his college; his friends call him Fuzz.

Fuzz Townshend

The role his mom played in his career

However, his mom won the automobile Vauxhall Chevette on local newspaper when he was little, but she never learned to drive in a car. She bought a drum set for his son after she decided to take the trophy in cash.

Fuzz learned music from Jazz musician AI Reed; he played in March 1997 on the platform at the age of 12. Additionally, he worked following graduation as an intern in a local bus business.

Following that, he started a classic car restoration company called Westgate Classic in 2016. He abandoned the Westgate to set up a brand new garage in Oldbury, known as To-Ta Classics (Townshend and Tassell Classics) and his fellow, Dave Tassell.

Later, Local band ‘Pop Will Eat Itself‘ asked him to join their group and work with them for four and a half years, drumming. Then he started trying to find his own group.

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Ethnic background

The drummer belongs to white ethnicity and is gifted with the proper height.

Isn’t he just a petty thief?

Yes, he steals automobiles, but maybe not due to his usage or criminal manner. He then turns them, repairs it, takes it, and returns it to the car’s owner. He transforms automobiles into a new model.

Fuzz Townshend


Fuzz Townshend released his first solo published ‘Hello Fantasy’ in 1996 and signed to Echo Records in 1997. Then he published his first solo record ‘Far’ in 1999 and the next album in 2002. Fuzz Townshend got the position of TV presenter after being approached to do a screen test to get a new show, “Car SOS,” with a TV production company.Where he was employed as a technical editor, Fuzz started his profession. Auto SOS is the one where he really became famous.

The show’s first and second season showed on More4, and the third year was released in April 2015.

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Other unknown facts about Fuzz

Townshend became a lecturer where he taught about song practices and music technology.
Townshend started his journey as a musician later linking his group and the former singer General Public from where he got a chance.
He chose Twitter to declared Car SOS year six, arriving shortly on Nat Geo.
He’s only busy on Twitter account by which he upgrades his day-to-day activities.

Townshend is also a passionate supporter of all classic Aware.

Fuzz Townshend

Net Worth

Fuzz Townshend is the man who is not merely a musician and a drummer but also a TV host of the reality show. He’s made a fantastic fortune for himself. He has an impressive arsenal of $5 million.

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