Growing Your Social Support System | Tips for Making Friends in College 

 For most students, making the transition to college is one of the most frightening experiences. They find themselves alone and in charge of most of life’s decisions for the first time. While freedom and independence can be exhilarating, starting on a new academic chapter can be intimidating. 

Homesickness is also an issue, with evidence showing that close to 30 percent of college students undergo some form of homesickness. According to experts, perceived social support helps students adjust to campus life and deal with life’s significant challenges. 

Also, having a network of friends and loved ones you can turn to during challenging times is suitable for your academic performance. Social support also benefits your overall health and wellbeing. The good news is that making friends in college does not have to be frightening. Here are tips to get you started. 

  • Benefit from the First Few Days on Campus 

If you want to make friends in college, you should take advantage of the first few weeks on campus. Since most people will be new and missing their loved ones, this is the best time to find lasting friends. 

Of course, your relationships will likely change as you meet more people and learn more about each other. To overcome homesickness, most people will actively seek new friendships and be more willing to mingle. Take advantage of this and build your social support system. Don’t be afraid to look for custom write my essays support online. 

  • Start a Conversation with a Different Person Daily 

It is important to reiterate that you won’t be the only person looking for friends on campus. Most people will be interested in building their social circles. To make new and meaningful friendships, find strategies to reach out to new people. 

Starting conversations with new people daily allows you to cast your net wider. Simple acts like sitting next to a different person each day during lectures can help. Many first-year students struggle with making the transition to college. Reaching out to them may help them overcome some fears and facilitate their adjustment. You can encourage them to get help with assignments from write my essays services online. 

  • Join or Form an Online Study Group 

Not all the friendships you make in college will be based on physical interactions. So many college students are studying online, with limited opportunities for face-to-face conversations. Whether you are in a traditional in-person college or are taking your course online, digital platforms offer numerous ways to interact. 

Virtual study groups allow students to keep in touch with peers and collaborate on projects. You will find learning more interesting as you can bounce ideas around and ask for feedback on tasks. Virtual study groups will make the experience less isolating if you are in an online class. 

  • Consider Getting a Part-Time Job 

Another easy way to meet new people and make lasting friendships is getting a job. Students get to encounter peers with similar drives and interests. You can also interact with professionals at your job, find mentors, and create networks that could be useful in your future career. 

Besides helping you make friends, getting a job also helps you earn additional income. This is important since most students struggle with financial problems in college. Most importantly, you accumulate on-the-job experience, build your resume, and set yourself up for a successful career. 

  • Choose a Public Study Area

Most people prefer to do their homework in their rooms since it offers considerable privacy and convenience. However, studies caution against working from your bed since it could diminish the quality of your nighttime sleep. If possible, choose a public area to study, such as a library or lecture hall. 

If you intend to study in your room, consider leaving your door open and encouraging others to stop over for a chat. Or you could find an accessible public space where you can study and make new acquittances. Remember, you can always obtain custom write my essay.

  • Consider Joining a Student Organization 

First-year students looking to make new friends should consider joining student organizations. Most colleges have several clubs and organizations that allow students to interact with others and develop their hobbies. Reach out to the student activities department to find out clubs you can join. In these organizations, you will find individuals with whom you share interests. Connecting will be easy and meaningful. 

  • Go Out and Exercise More 

Exercising outdoors is another way to socialize while staying healthy and fit. According to research, most students struggle to make friends because they prefer relatively sedentary lifestyles. Going for a morning job every day or joining the gym offers the perfect opportunity to find motivated friends. You can encourage each other to develop healthier lifestyle habits. 

Making friends in college is essential for overcoming homesickness and developing positive mental health outcomes. Participate in campus events and clubs to meet new friends. You could also get a new job or volunteer in the local community. Attend your classes and join an online study group for more opportunities to meet people. 

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