Have A Tight Budget For Your Next Event? Here’s What You Can Do To Make It Memorable

Be it a wedding or a get-together, a birthday or a work party, a show or the anniversary celebrations, you want your event to be the talk of the town. But, when our dreams are too big, our finances often fall short. Not anymore, as this article takes up the things you should do to make your event grand without spending a fortune while ensuring the event becomes as big and memorable as you want it to be.

Things You Need to Make Your Event Big and Memorable

  1. Set The Event Goal

The first thing you should consider to make your event successful is to determine its objectives. You may organize the event for multiple purposes like meeting old friends, informing the guests about your new line of products or services, raise funds for a new venture, or simply for the sake of partying.

Whatever your purpose may be, being aware of the goals in advance can help you stay prepared. You should also keep in mind the number of guests you intend to invite and the number of guests your pocket can permit.

  1. Prepare a Team

To make an event big, you should consider forming a team of experts and delegate one responsibility to each of them. If you try to arrange everything by yourself, that can probably be the worst mistake you can ever make.

An event may require you to keep in mind several factors like venue, food, decoration, transportation, guest management and reception, entertainment, and several other aspects.

By empowering the key resource persons who can best handle the individual segments of your event and taking their ideas for cutting down costs can help you to organize the best event at a budget. For example, instead of using expensive music CDs, you may consider downloading music from YouTube for free and play it at the party. Click here to convert music for free and entertain your guests.

  1. Fix the Budget

The budget is the most critical aspect of any event. Many events fail simply because there are not enough funds to fuel their dreams. Check your event goals and consider discussing with your team about the budget before allocating funds to individual subheads.

You need to factor in every small and big cost while determining the overall expenditure you may incur. While the food might be an area where you cannot cut costs without compromising on the quality, you can trim down other costs associated with the venue, entertainment, decoration, staff, and the likes.

  1. Figure Out the Date

The date plays a major role in increasing or decreasing the cost. The more time you have, the better event you may plan.

While deciding on the date, you should keep in mind factors like holidays, major religious events, important dates, availability of chief guests, and other such stuff.

As soon as you finalize the date, contact the caterer, decorator, and other key external staff to avail early bird benefits and discounts.

  1. Select the Right Venue

This aspect is directly related to your event goals. If you are conducting a professional event, the set-up should be compact and professional. If, however, you are throwing a family party, the venue must be big enough to accommodate all guests.

Sometimes, the venue determines the date and budget. For example, if you plan to conduct your event on a popular date, the cost of the venue might be higher. Talking to the Venue Coordinator well in advance may help you save a handful of money by altering the event date.

The things you should consider before finalizing a venue are comfortability, accessibility, washroom facilities, size, parking facilities, audio-visual equipment, and expenses.

  1. Make Your Event Stand Out by Branding It

To make your event big and grand, you must consider giving it a name that reflects your theme and event style. Moreover, a catchy title for your event will help you to stand out in the online world.

Before finalizing the event name, consider a few key things like the USP of your event and the purpose of your event. You should also add a tagline that sets the theme and a logo that best reflects your brand style and event theme.

Event branding can be a good way to generate interest, especially when you choose social media for branding purposes. As people take note of your event ad, they may feel interested to explore your line of work.

  1. Create an Artistic Invitation Card

Invitation cards are a must for any big or small event. Depending on how much budget you allocate for the purpose, you can make your card ingenious.

We have come to a point where physical cards have become outdated. Instead, event organizers choose video cards, as they are cheaper, more attractive, and easier to circulate. However, designing an invitation card requires you to master the technical aspects of card creation, as a poorly designed card can do more harm than good.

Thankfully, you can use the invitation maker free download for creating unforgettable invites. Creating a video invitation card is as easy as ABC. Browse templates, choose or upload videos and pictures, add voiceovers, and you are ready with a video invite.

  1. Seek Out Sponsors and Partners

If you are planning for a corporate event, one key to reducing the overall expenditure is to diversify it. Look for people or brands who think your event can add value to their company’s profile. Moreover, as you make someone else your partner, you can get a slice of their customers as well.

You can get two types of sponsors for your event – corporate sponsors and community sponsors.

While corporate sponsors can provide you with ample cash to take care of many of the costs, community sponsors may help you with the venue or provide you with people you need for your event.

Before approaching a sponsor, keep in mind that corporate sponsors want to see how your event may benefit them. Create an interesting proposal that will make them feel interested in your event.


Even the best of plans may fail if you do not pay attention to the budget and publicity.

Let people know what you are doing, involve them by creating fascinating videos, adding music or voiceovers to it, and shooting them off through email blasts, social media connections, website announcements, and audio clips.

Hence, if you possess proper knowledge about how to optimize available resources, nothing can stop you from making your event memorable and grand.

Author: I’m Jaylin: SEO Expert of Leelija Web Solutions. I am a content manager, and the author of freeopenbook.com and a full time blogger. Favourite things include my camera, travelling, caring my fitness, food and my fashion. Email id: editor@leelija.com

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