How long should I pray?

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This has been the question of many Christians, how long should o pray? Should I pray for a long time? How many hours should I pray? I once asked such question.


It all depends. How long do you want to spend time with God? How much time does He want to spend with you ( 1

Thessalonians 5:17 )? How much time do you need? What are you looking

for from your time with Him?

Any set time we impose on other people, even as short as a few minutes, creates a trap into religion.


Missing a week of prayer will not make God love you less or remove His blessings from you. It doesn’t mean you stopped loving Him. Prayer is communication with God and the source of our connection with Him Example: If you don’t talk to your parents for weeks doesn’t mean you don’t love them and neither do they love you.


It is like any other relationship, we need to talk in order to fuel the relationship. God sees the heart. Surprisingly, someone who prayed for minutes might get faster answers than those who pray for hours.


So it’s dependent on you and God, there is no specific amount of time to pray to God, though when we exercise long communication with God, it’s us closer to him.


Some people pray for 10mins daily and get satisfied, I don’t think the Bible stated the particular amount of time to pray daily, let’s be guided.


In conclusion, there is no particular amount of time to pray, God sees the heart if man and reward them accordingly. Share, many needs to hear this.

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