I have seen a lot of people asking, how to tithe correctly, how to calculate your tithe using tithe calculator. I had to come up with a write up to give answers to your questions. But before then, let’s know what tithe actually means and bible references. Someone also asked, how can I tithe when I can’t pay the bills? I will give answers to questions about tithe.


A tithe is actually the one-tenth part of your earning, paid in form of contribution to a religious organization. Tithes are normally voluntary and paid in cash, cheque or mobile transfer.

On the other hand, tithing is a donation, or offering given to the church. It’s more than giving cash as explained in the scripture. Its part of Mosaic Law for the children of Israel [Numbers 18:21-28].


How to tithe correctly, paying of tithe should be a personal decision, since it has been stated in the scripture, I think we should consider paying tithe, I actually pay tithe when I wish to, it’s not always the one-tenth of my income, I believe God deserves more than 10%.

ike I said earlier that if you want to know how to tithe correctly, it should be a personal decision. If you are been forced to pay tithe, it’s no longer tithe anymore but waste of funds, you aren’t meant to be forced to give to God.


I will be writing out five ways on how to tithe correctly, do well to share after reading

  1. Always give what you can.

It is the individual with the least, whose penance to give is more worthy, whose tithe implies the most to God. According to mark 12:41-44 tells how individual who had cash tithed the sum they should tithe, which wound up being a ton of cash. When it came time for a poor widow to tithe, she put 2 little pennies. Jesus proclaimed her offering as higher esteem since she gave all she had. First method on how to tithe correctly.

  1. Give God more than 10% [if possible]

Like I said earlier that sometimes it’s preferable you give God more than 10%, I believe God is bigger than 10% of your income. It’s a compulsory thing to do, just depend on your perspective. If you have been giving God 10%, its cool and there is nothing wrong with it. Another way on how to tithe the right way.

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  1. Don’t give grudgingly

This is where a lot make mistakes, according to 2 Corinthians 9:7, in a summary, give according to the purpose of your heart not grudgingly or of necessity. When you want to pay your tithe, don’t pay with a sadden heart, do it will all your heart. Its better you don’t pay tithe than to do so with grudges. Third method on how to tithe correctly.

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  1. Think of other methods to tithe.

Do you know that it’s not only in cash you can pay your tithe? You can give to the poor; help the needy, give to the motherless babies and theses in need. In as much you give with a cheerful heart. It’s probably not on your pastor you can pay tithe to. Your services to God can also be a means of paying tithe also.

  1. Don’t wait to tithe

On the off chance that you put off tithing, you will spend that cash in different ways. On the off chance that you pause to give tithe you can bear the cost of it, you may stall out in a routine of not tithing’s. Keep it a need-not of obligation, yet of needing to do what God wants you to do.

Lastly, calculating your tithe should be that simple, you can use tithe calculator. probably you are paid $100 monthly, your tithe should be $10 and so on

Now you have seen the 5 ways to tithe correctly, all you needed to do is to tithe at the right time. Give with a cheerful heart and not grudgingly. It’s probably not a crime if you give God more than 10%, depends on you.

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