Télécharger Rhapsody of realities Mai PDF pour 2020

It’s another month of May, a month of massive success. In the past two months of this year, I have always shared rhapsody of realities PDF files and more than 1000 readers has benefited from it. In this month of May, you will be able to download rhapsody of realities PDF May 2020.

Before you download rhapsody of realities PDF May, let’s know more about this devotional book and the author


As the case maybe, rhapsody of realities is not just an ordinary book; it’s a classic love note from God to you with a beautiful message of life. According to their website, this devotional book is often referred to as the messenger angel and its a powerful book

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This devotional book is said to be a life guide that has been designed to boost your spirituality and development by bringing you fresh words for God on daily basis. With amazing features like the day’s topic, scriptural theme, the day’s message, daily confession or prayer and lastly the bible reading plan section.

The rhapsody of realities brings you the riches of God’s word into the lives of millions on a daily basis. Rhapsody of realities is not just a study guide; it’s an evangelical tool that has been adopted by millions of individuals and churches around the world for effective soul winning.

Rhapsody of realities has permeated the nations since 2001, its increasing impact around the world has been made possible due to the fact that its rides on the vehicle of partnership with more than 20million people in different nations, whose determination is to transform their worlds with the power if the gospel.


Chris oyakhilome who is the founder and the brain behind rhapsody of realities was born on the 7th of December 1963(age 54). He is a pastor, faith healing minister, television host and author, Pastor Chris oyakhilome runs an online prayer network using social media to send messages to believers and Christians in different nations.

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Pastor Chris oyakhilome hails from Nigeria particularly from edo state.

Pastor Chris oyakhilome is known for his good works which includes helping the poor, healing the sick and many more. He has written so many books like; gates of Zion, your right in Chris, none of this disease, how to make your faith work, don’t stop there, healing from heaven, and the awarding winning devotion book; rhapsody of realities.

Pastor Chris oyakhilome has been a source of help to millions of people and there have been a lot of positive testimonies around the world. His messages have always been a means of motivation and have translated many souls.

Now you have seen brief write ups on rhapsody of realities and the author, let’s get to the main business.

If you need a copy of rhapsody of realities May 2020(PDF format), all you need to do is to follow the steps below


To get the PDF file of rhapsody of realities 2020, simply fill the form below and correctly. Please note that if you have filled the form for February and January, it’s advisable you didn’t fill it again has it will be automatically sent to you, all you need to do is to share to others so they can get theirs.

Download here

All PDF files are usually sent on the first day of the month or the last day of the month please be patience with us as we do receive many requests, but we will try and send it on or before 4th of May 2020. Ensure that your email address is very correct…

Rhapsody of realities has touched many lives and am a living testimonies. As you have gotten your own copy, do well to share to others, you don’t know the soul that needs it.

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