How to tithe when on debt

Recently I wrote on how to tithe correctly and there was a relief among those who asked those questions. Now in this post, I will be writing on how to tithe when on debt, probably you have some bills to settle or you owe someone, this post will guide you on how to tithe when you owe.

We have already discussed about what tithe is here and some facts about tithe. So this post will be focused on how to pay tithe when on debt. do well to share this post if found helpful.


Now the first question you should ask yourself is what came about the debt, what is the actual cause of the debt that you are in now?

  1. Analyze what caused the debt
  2. Give when funds are available
  3. Try and budget next time
  4. Pay ahead


  1. Analyze what caused the debt

This should definitely be the first approach, draft out what caused the debt so that you would know what expenses you made. Probably for a whole month, calculate how much spent and what was spent on. The cause of your debt might be due to excess spending or emergent need came up.

One thing you must is to is, each time you spend, write what you spent it on and the amount you spent on it and the date it was spent. By that way, you will reduce debt drastically.

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  1. Give when funds are available

If you read my previous post on tithe, you will discovered that you can give when you have, even though tithe is meant to be paid monthly and we have many needs that need financial response, what is advisable to do is to remove the actual money meant for tithe immediately after you have been paid your monthly salary.

It’s a thing of joy when we receive our respective monthly salaries; it’s therefore advisable to deduct our tithe from our salaries immediately after being paid as mentioned above. Remember in my last article, I wrote how the bible condemns giving grudgingly but with a cheerfully heart. So give when you have and do it with a cheerful heart.

  1. Try and budget next time

When you receive huge amount of money or your salary, get a chair, sit down and write down the basic things you need and their respective prices. Doing this will reduce debt and you will be left with some money to pay your tithe.

From research, budget has helped to reduced 80% of debt, engage yourself on monthly budget as it will be a life saver and you will be able pay your tithe at due time.

  1. Pay ahead

Now I have considered this as the best way to pay tithe. For example you earn $300 monthly and you want to make sure you don’t owe tithe for any month, since your tithe is $30, you could pay $120 to cover four month by then you don’t have to worry about paying tithe.

Not everyone will key into this, but it’s advisable to be done when you have low budget for that month, then you can pay your tithe ahead.


Now I just mentioned four ways on how to tithe when on debt, definitely it has been useful do well to share this post.

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1 Response

  1. Tina ANDREWS says:

    I’m glad that I came across this tool just a few days ago. For a long time I committed my life to tithe as it’s vital in our Christian life.
    I usually give my tithe few days after I get my fortnightly pay. Sometimes I tend to think I might just give this amount incase I might not have enough to pay off my dept, so I give less.
    That week I end up wasted the money in just not important things. Help me to see the important of taking the first fruit of my income in obedient to the Word n give with a cheerful heart .

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