As a practicing medical professional, having a website can be a really good thing, especially if the  website is done right, a good example would be the ob/gyn websites by Officite. With the majority of patients googling for “doctor” before visiting a clinic, a professional medical website ensures that you get the visibility you need for your practice. A key to this success? A great website design!

Let’s look at some of the elements that make for a successful website design that drives more traffic to your practice:

  • Navigation – a potential patient’s experience doesn’t start when they first walk in your clinic, it starts with your website. Having an easy to navigate site – good readability, great logical flow,  no unnecessary buttons to click – and having the vital information right up front and center will help give potential patients a great experience with you from the very start.


  • Colors matter – color psychology comes into play here. Studies show that certain traits are associated with certain colors. Let’s look at the color blue, for example. Blue is associated with calmness, cleanliness, focus, trust, credibility, professionalism, trust, knowledge. Since these mentioned qualities are very valued in the medical profession, having a touch of blue or going with blue as your site’s main color is always a good choice.


  • Mobile-friendly – since the majority of people now have smartphones, making your site responsive to mobile or hand-held devices is also a good design choice. Having a responsive website that fits in all sorts of screen sizes makes for easier navigation and better communication. No more zooming in and out, no more doom scrolling just to get to the information you need. Remember, you always want to give your clients (new or old) a good experience, and that starts from the moment they visit your website.


  • Have relevant, interesting, and updated content – as a medical practitioner, you are expected to have the right answer and be abreast with all the latest studies and developments in your field. By having fresh and relevant content, you are sure to keep and attract your target market. This kind of content can be placed in your site’s blog section (for a more in-depth discussion) or in your FAQ section wherein visitors to your site can find the information they need really quick.  Having the right updated and relevant information can also help build your credibility.


  • Make use of other tools – your website can serve as more than an information hub. With today’s technology, your site can also set up appointments, allow clients to pay their bills, or even purchase items. By leveraging these tools, you are making things more convenient for your clients. And anything that can help make things easier and more accessible is always a good thing.


So remember, a successfully designed website doesn’t just make your medical practice look good, it makes your clients feel good too! Check us out here at Officite where we provide digital marketing solutions to healthcare professionals!


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