How to be energetic: 10 non-obvious tips for students

Lack of energy is a problem faced by entrepreneurs and ordinary office workers alike. Most people just drink coffee and eat chocolate bars because they do not know about much healthier and more effective ways to increase productivity. We’ve collected non-obvious and effective tips for those who want to be more energetic this spring.

Wear fresh socks

It’s best to have a few pairs of spare socks in the workplace. You can change them in the middle of the day – say, after lunch. This will help you feel more awake, especially if you’re constantly sitting still and don’t move much during the work day.

Do a burpee or jump around

If you’re not embarrassed by your coworkers, do a burpee. This intense exercise will help wake up your nervous system and make you more energetic. The most important thing is not to overdo it so you don’t feel exhausted after exercise. Start with a few pairs of sets of five reps, resting 30 seconds between sets. If burpees are too radical an exercise for you, you can just hop on the spot.


A musical break will help you get in the mood for work. Energetic motifs and singing contribute to the release of adrenaline in the blood. However, this energetic effect does not last long, so work with a song always!

Visualize the end goal

If you feel like you’re running out of energy, try visualizing how you finish the task. What will the result look like? This technique is used by many successful people: for example, swimmer and Olympic champion Michael Phelps imagined a perfect swim every day before going to bed, the athlete thought through almost every movement and imagined how these actions would lead him to victory.

Dress up

Bright colors will cheer up not only you but those around you as well. The brain is activated when the eyes see bright colors. For example, red, which is associated with danger, excites the nervous system, causes increased respiration and heart rate, and activates the muscular system. Orange and bright yellow have similar properties, and green and blue, on the contrary, help to calm down.

Disconnect from social media

At least half an hour before you go to sleep, put away all electronic devices and don’t check social networks. The blue light from screens interferes with the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sound and healthy sleep. The less you use gadgets before bed, the more awake you’ll feel the next day. This, by the way, also applies to a high study load. Sometimes it is better to seek write essay for me service than to sacrifice healthy sleep.

Take a Tyrosine

Tyrosine is an amino acid that has a tonic effect on the brain and helps you concentrate. Scientists studied the effects of tyrosine on American soldiers: they found that it helps improve productivity, even if the person is exhausted and sleep-deprived.


Carefree flirting is fun, harmless, and effective. The increased heartbeat that accompanies the flirting process will make the brain work better.

Try Yogic Breathing

The practice of yoga includes not only asanas, which should make you flexible and strong, but also breathing techniques that help you calm down or, conversely, cheer up. Try performing “Fire Breath” or kapalabhati. It is a simple exercise: take a deep breath and then begin to exhale the air vigorously. Exhales should be short and vigorous – to master this technique, you can watch one of the short instructional videos on YouTube.

Replace Carbohydrates with Protein

Procrastination in the morning, exhaustion in the evening, and almost any lack of energy and focus, in general, are associated with a drop in blood sugar levels. If you try to boost productivity with a cup of coffee and a muffin, it will help, but not for long: the caffeine and carbs will make your blood sugar rise quickly, but drop just as quickly and you’ll have to drink coffee or eat sweets again. To avoid depending on sugar spikes, you need an energy source that lasts longer. A protein breakfast can help you stay energetic longer: eat scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, plain yogurt, or mix in a protein shake.

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