How to Create Attractive and Interactive Instagram Stories Ads?

Instagram is an emerging marketing platform, with 26.9 million users for business professionals. Instagram Stories are the quickest and most effective promotion placements on Instagram, for both client collaborations and advertisement stock development. The advertisements are known as Instagram Stories Ads, which appear within Instagram Stories, located above your News Feed. 

Businesses use Instagram Stories Ads to increase awareness of their brands by lead generation. Brands can reach a large number of people in their target audience.

What are Instagram Stories Ads? 

Since the introduction of the Instagram Stories feature in 2017,  they have changed the marketing. Instagram Stories ads are between five and fifteen seconds of stories with a sponsored label. They engage users and guide a considerable amount of traffic towards advertisers’ websites. Stories Ads prefer content to be audio-visual rather than text. 

Other conditions include:

  • 9*16 image ratio with the image size of 1080*1920 pixels
  • Images can be either .jpg or .png For videos, the vertical aspect ratio should be 4:5 with the video width of 600 pixels.
  • Videos can be in the form of .mp4, .mov, or .gif files

Marketing professionals recommend businesses to keep these specifications in mind during the creation of their Instagram stories ads.  

How to Create Stories Ads 

Professionals use Instagram video makers for creating high-quality videos to grab the attention of their audience. You can do this as well. 

The necessary steps to create ads for Instagram stories are:

  1. Analyze and identify your objective for creating the Instagram stories ads. It could be brand awareness, boosting reach, application installation, or increasing traffic. Also, it may be used to create more public engagement, increase video views, lead generation, and lead conversions.

  1. To create attractive and interactive Instagram story ads, make sure you personalize your Instagram stories as per your objectives. You can make use of creative elements such as headlines along with the relevant images and videos.

  1. Instagram recommends the size dimensions to the users according to its algorithm. Such size dimensions ensure accurate visibility for the Instagram stories ads. However, you can customize these dimensions.

  1. You should narrow down the potential audience that you wish to target with your Instagram story ads. This depends upon demographic factors such as gender, age, language, and interests, among others.

  1. Decide your ad placements. This involves manually choosing where and when you want to run your ad. 

  1. Develop a compelling call to action for your Instagram stories ads that motivate the audience to take some action. You can prompt viewers to see more, learn, shop, buy, discover, and do more.

While following these steps to create attractive and interactive Instagram stories ads, it is necessary to opt for the best video editor that can give a personalized touch to your Instagram Stories ads. InVideo is the best option, as it’s a free YouTube intro maker and online video editor.

Points to Remember 

There are several other vital points that one should keep in mind while creating Instagram Ads.

These are:

  • The first few seconds of the ad should be captivating and maintain your audience’s attention. Make them vibrant with the help of colours, fonts, and imagery to grab the attention of your potential customers.
  • Don’t allocate much space to text elements and keep the information concise and clear. This will ensure little reading time for the audience and focus on the core message. 
  • Maintain brand visibility to create brand awareness through a prominently visible logo, proper focus on the product or brand name with minimum colours, fonts, and design elements.
  • Collaborate with influencers and feature them in your ads. This will make your ads effective. The people following influencers become interested in your brand campaign that features them. This will improve traffic to your website.
  • The key to attract is your creativity. Instagram overlays, emojis, and stickers can make it up for you. Even Boomerangs, stop-motion, Superzoom, and rewind can excite your potential customers. 
  • Make sure to personalize your Instagram Stories ads. The audience reacts to relatable content. Keeping a level of intimacy in your advertising will ensure public engagement. These story ads can also work for product launches, BTS (behind the scenes), and give product inspiration. Add the CTA call-to-action button. By adding CTA, you can direct the audience from your Instagram Stories ads to your website or profile. You can use the Swipe-Up feature to channelize them. 

These are some of the key points to consider while creating Instagram stories ads for your business. But, there is no fixed strategy for creating successful Instagram stories ads. To score more, you need to play more. Work out on Instagram features to understand how they work best for you. Don’t hesitate to experiment with them. You never know how the features can work for your brand. One can’t deny that Instagram is gaining immense popularity in the online marketing world. Its importance as a marketing tool is likely to increase in the near future. This is the time to make the most of it through Instagram stories ads.  

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