How To Ensure Safety At Home While Away From Home

Webcams are a miniature form of a camera that can be easily attached to a computer screen or a desk and can be used for videotelephony.

They can be used for security purposes as well; wherein one can use a webcam as a CCTV camera and watch on the continuous activities in and around us.

A webcam is a video camera that enables people to connect to the world via a chat or call interface and through a face-to-face medium. Using a webcam while communicating via a computer would allow a person to have face-to-face communication. The webcam also helps to work as a recording or streaming medium over the internet. The working of the lens of the webcam is to capture light using a light detector.

  • The structure of a webcam is designed to capture and process images, also to send it to the other side of the interface.
  • Webcams have a particular frame rate, which kind of decides the cost rate of a webcam.
  • Transfer of file or media usually takes place through FTP, i.e., the file transfer protocol.

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The resolution of webcams increases slowly, and now it provides us with quite good quality and understandable images.

Webcams have in-built software technology that carries out all the technical processes or handles the working of the webcam.

We have reviewed here 2 webcams from famous brands like Microsoft and Logitech. You can also read about reviews of other Best Wireless Webcam in 2020 at

Webcams Have Several Features:

  • Portability – the smaller and the lighter a gadget is, the higher is its demand. For instance, webcams should be relatively low compared to other cameras, but should not outcast the look of the machine or the place where it is installed. It should come in several sizes so that it can also be used as hidden cameras.
  • Resolution – we know that the imaging quality of web-cameras is way less than any other camera. With passing time, the image and video quality of webcams is gradually enhancing. It has increased from 360p to 1080p as of now. While buying a web camera, one should pay heed to the resolution factor of a particular webcam.
  • Frame Rate – this is an essential deciding factor that has an impact on the overall costing of a webcam. It decides with what speed will an image move on the screen and requires an equivalent amount of internet to support the image speed.
    Speed ranges from 15FPS(minimum quality rate) – 30FPS(ideal quality rate)
  • Audio Or Microphone Quality – this, however, depends upon the internet quality and bandwidth. The microphone enables a person to decipher what the other person is saying since it makes video chatting audible to both ends.
  • Face Tracking allows the movement of an image to an acceptable position, i.e., we can arrange a particular model at a specific location by moving it manually. This advanced technical feature of a webcam enhances its demand.
  • Lens Quality And Type – the lens thickness and material is a deciding factor. It decides the weight of the webcam. The material of the lens can be plastic or glass. Plastic lenses have lightweight but are expensive.
  • Low Light Quality – the webcam can picture something even in the low-intensity lights. The camera should have an optimization power to capture videos or images in low lights.
  • Usage Preferences -the design of a webcam is decided based upon where it can be utilized. If we want a webcam that is to be attached to a laptop or a computer, then we need a better design so that it does not degrade the look of the gadget to which it is connected. Similarly, if we want the camera to be hidden, it should have a particular design, size, and shape. Webcams come in different ways, sizes, and designs

Reviewing Best Webcam to buy

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

The Microsoft Life Cam HD 3000 is a WebCam that offers much higher resolution imaging and video quality of about 720p. It simultaneously provides us with an excellent enhanced audio quality. If one is searching for a webcam with low pricing and high flexibility, then Microsoft LifeCam HD3000 is the ultimate answer. It is a webcam that increases its demand. Its zoom-in limit extends up to about 4X(4times). It can be mounted anywhere and everywhere, be it a desk, a laptop, or a computer or room. It produces a very high-resolution picture with proper coloring and sharpness. Its frame rate is about 30 frames per second.

However, it cannot be fixed quickly and securely; it requires a professional hand for the setting. It cannot be tilted at angles. Bu the product comes with a three years warranty.

Logitech C310HD WebCam (Black)

The LogitechC310HD WebCam offers a resolution of about 1280*780p HD images. The picture comes however not so clear but can be chosen for general uses like video-calling etc. It can be easily attached to computers, laptops, and televisions, and the best part is that the products come handy with a two years warranty and is its auto-color correction ability.

Pros And Cons Of Having A Webcam


  • We can use webcams to assist us in various fields.
  • Webcams can be installed in an area where it can be hidden to keep an eye on the working or the activities that take place in that area. It provides security to the user.
  • It helps us to have a face-to-face video calling opportunity to see our loved ones.
  • We can use a webcam on our computers, laptops, banks, offices, shops, institutes, etc.
  • If we stream any video over the internet, then it would undoubtedly require a massive amount of bandwidth to allow us to stream a particular content. Webcams allow us to stream a compressed form of the video to the user.
  • Webcams are not costly and quite affordable.


  • Webcams have a low resolution compared to all the cameras.
  • While using a plastic lens the costing of the camera increases
  • It sometimes degrades the outlook of the computer.
  • Webcams have a comparatively lower resolution compared to all other cameras.


The invention of Webcams is a blessing in disguise for us. Now we can work peacefully knowing that our family at home is safe and sound. Just by one click, we can ensure safety of our loved ones. To conclude, this article will assist you in knowing more about a webcam and also purchasing one for your home.

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