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MD: Writing a resume is not always an elementary process, especially for a student. When you are looking for a job while studying, it is a good choice to use the help of professional resume writers.

H1 Professional assistance helps you to achieve the goals.

Every year, more than 75% of students decide that it is time for them to work while studying. Whether they want to make money or gain additional life professional experience is very individual. But whatever the reasons behind this decision, only one thing will be important: the result of the time spent. By devoting time to looking for a job after the lectures, every student wants to get a dream job. But quite often, students do not even apply for positions where they would like to see themselves. The reason is simple: companies require to attach a high-quality resume to the job application. 

And this is where the first serious questions arise. How to draw up the paper correctly and how to emphasize what is necessary and no more? Do you need to add resume to linkedin or is it enough just to send the application itself? Professional companies, namely highly qualified resume writing services are able to deal with this issue and tell you about the importance of correctly drawn up profiles as well as the papers themselves. We have created a competent overview of 5 services that help students achieve their goals every day. Explore our list and choose the best resume writing service that suits our cost requirements.

H2 Companies that have established themselves as professionals.

Students have many questions when they want to get a paper of any classification. Would you trust someone you don’t know when the near future depends on one piece of paper? Using the description of top resume writing services, it will be much easier to decide which company to choose. 

We based our findings on the positive and negative feedback from students and their experiences with companies. Five striking examples of what you need to pay attention to and how to understand what criteria are key in the provision of writing services: you will find all this in the company overview below.

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H3 1ResumeWritingService as a highly competitive company. 

This company is a resume writing service that has been given special attention. The reason for our interest was the high ratings of the services according to student reviews. What we heard and decided to check on our own is the level of education of writers working in the company, the average price, and the performance of papers created by professionals. Having gotten to know better, we learned that here every student could find the necessary service among a large number of possible ones.

The writers in the company who have been hired to help me write my resume services are graduates with years of experience writing work for students. Here you will not only find help with creating a resume, but you can also order: 

  • Resume Writing.
  • Resume Editing.
  • Cover Letter Writing and Editing.
  • Linkedin Profile Makeover.
  • CV Writing and Editing.
  • Thank You Letter Writing and other important student papers. 

We were impressed with the high level of customer support from the first to the last step of collaboration. Such professionalism in everything speaks of the high standards that the company sets for itself.

H3 Resumebros.com with professional writers. 

This company also caught our attention. Studying their services and general activities, we found a lot of good student reviews. What they say is that there is a fairly quick solution to problems. The company’s robot is not badly organized, and you can get what you need if you need: 

  • Resume Writing.
  • Cover Letter.
  • CV Writing.
  • LinkedIn Profile Creation. 

The writers of the company are highly competent, and the support team responds within one day after submitting your application. The company is a good alternative for creating professional and student papers by a resume editor or a resume writer.

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H3 Resumesarea.com and their features.

The services of this company are quite similar to those of the previous ones. The list includes only: Resume Help, Resume Editing Services, CV Writing Services, CV Editing Services, LinkedIn Resume. A feature of this company is the ability to create a Career Resume, which allows you to emphasize in more detail the merits of a person. This option will be useful for those who already have experience in any work area and have a comparative understanding of their future goals.

Leaving an order here, you have to wait for a reaction during the day and sometimes even more. Such a long time frame is often unacceptable for most students. We recommend that you pay attention to the feedback on the speed of response and the ratio of the price of paper created on this or that website in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

H3 Devmyresume.com is it fast or skillful?

Companies promising to create your paper in 24 hours, is this true or just another trick? Analyzing the services of this company, we were pleasantly surprised at the beginning by the fact of the speed of writing a resume. But disappointment caught us almost immediately. Yes, indeed, there is the possibility of fulfilling your order within 24 hours.

But the bad news is the slow acceptance of the order for processing, and the final paper quality is below average. What caught our attention was the student disappointment with the paper’s value for money. When you do not require a resume that meets high standards, you can refer to the writers of the company without hesitation.

H3 Resumecoverscv.com as a previously recognized good quality company.

In 2015 resumecoverscv.com was recognized as one of the best paper creation services. The company is currently creating and editing CVs, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn profiles. The good news is the relatively low price for the services and the proven fact that the writers of the company are native English speakers. Perhaps this is where the benefits end.

We did not find many positive feedbacks on the good quality of the resume, or on the relevance and correctness of their preparation, or on adherence to the stated time frames. As in the review of the previous company, we recommend leaving your order here only if there is no deadline and the criterion for the high standards of the content and appearance of your resume.

H2 Reviews to help you make a good choice.

The purpose of creating rankings, collecting statistics, and describing services is to help students avoid wasting time. After reading research papers about certain companies, we can form a common opinion that will help us make the right choice in the future. We gave examples of different companies and also talked about what can be hidden and not available to the student’s eyes from the first minutes of acquaintance with the services.

Now, knowing what exactly you can get for yourself, everyone can decisively draw their own conclusions about the benefits of working together. It is important to remember that 70% of success in completing tasks depends on the correctness of the initial choice and on the first steps towards the goal. Choose trusted professional resume services and never let the situation go uncontrollable. Get the right papers from the professionals and succeed in your future job applications.


Amanda Lancaster is a PR manager who works with 1resumewritingservice. She is also known as a content creator. Amanda has been providing resume writing services since 2014.



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