Who is Jodi Arias ?

Jodi Ann Arias is a notoriously known name for Jodi Arias. She is believed to have been one of the most brutal criminals in American History. Her profession is photography, and she was a skilled photographer before her brutal act of murdering her boyfriend. They moved to Mesa, Arizona, together because they wanted to be closer. The mishap was not known to anyone. Travis Victor Alexander was Arias’s boyfriend. He was a salesman and a speaker. He was a motivational speaker for Pre-Paid Legal Services. His beloved girlfriend severely attacked and shot him, and he was forced to die on the 4th of June, 2008.

How Jodi Arias Murdered Her Ex-Boyfriend  

Alexander’s body was found inside his bathtub. His body was in very poor condition. His throat had been slit and his headshot. She agrees with him and also acknowledges that alexander attempted to save himself.

She wants to be with Benjamin while she is pregnant, but she doesn’t want to marry him. However, she would like to have a baby with him. Continue reading this article to learn more.

How Old is Jodi Ann Arias ? | Age

She was born in Salinas (California), the U.S.A., on the 9th of July 1980. She is now 42 years old. She is a television personality. Every year, she celebrates her birthday in July.

How Tall is Jodi Ann Arias ? | Weight and Height

She is 5′ 5″ tall, or 1.65m or 165cm. Her weight is unknown. Her eyes are beautiful, and her hair is brown. She is not able to give her body measurements.

Jodi Ann Arias Career 

Jodi Arias is well-known for her involvement in the murder of Travis Victor Alexander. She was a photographer by trade and has been interested in the industry since childhood. For work reasons, she used to move around a lot. Jodi met Travis at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is where they both received their conversions. They began dating in 2007. Travis began dating Arias in 2007. Despite warnings from his friends and red flags about Arias, he fell for her love. It cost him his life.

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Arias moved to Mesa to be closer to her love of living in 2007. She then moved to Yreka in 2008. Although it was a long-distance relationship, the couple did meet up often. His friends warned Travis about Jodi’s negative approach, but he was too in love to see any harm. Travis was unreachable for several days in June 2008. Travis’s body was found in the California shower by his friends when they tried to find him.

On the other hand, Jodi tried to flee, but it was clear that she wasn’t there. While she rented several vehicles along her journey, it was clear from their phone records that Arias was with Travis. The explicit photos and videos of the couple were later revealed in intimate situations, which solidified the accusations. Arias stabbed Travis about 30 times and then shot him with a gun. Although Arias tried to defend herself, she claimed that she had committed the crime while protecting herself. However, this was not possible. Arias was sentenced in July 2008 to life imprisonment with no parole. Arias is currently being tried in Arizona State Prison Complex, Perryville.

Jodi Arias Net Worth

Jodi Arias is thought to be America’s wealthiest criminal. Her net worth is approximately $ 1.1 million. She was a photographer.

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