Karla James Biography, Pictures, Net Worth and Relationship

Karla James Biography 

Sources have it that Karla James is the spouse of West Coast Choppers’ frontman Jesse James. Karla was born in Yorkshire, England, on the 10th of July 1968. Karla James is a beautiful adult model with stylish body shape.

People do get famous for the deeds they had done, but then, in the case of Karla, it’s totally different. During her modeling career, Karla was famous because of her enormous breasts.

In fact, she had more fans due to the massive size of her breasts. She is very private on sharing her details; that’s the reason why little is known of her life. Details like her education, nationality, and religion weren’t shown to the general public. But we know that she attended a well-known college in which her career began.

From information gotten from multiple sources, it is noted that Karla started modeling following her divorce with Jesse, her husband. Because of financial conflicts, she accepted a job as an adult model.


Before that, she engaged herself in regular jobs, which boosted her net worth. Karla worked as a pedicure, manicure, and makeup artist until she got a role in the film ‘On Location: Grand Bahama.’

After she played the role, she became even more famous with her modeling career and that she was featured on the cover of the magazine, including the “Score” magazine.

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Karla James Nationality 

Even though she isn’t revealing most of this information, we know that her nationality is the United States.

How old is Karla James?

Not really old, Karla James is 52years old as of 2020. Her body measurements aren’t known, but merely looking at her shows that she’s a huge lady with an average height.

Karla James’s net worth 

Information about her net worth is not fully verified, but some sources said she is worth $2million, and her wealth is generated from her acting career.

Karla James Relationship: married or single?

Karla James, from different sources, is the first wife of popular TV personality Jesse James, former CEO of Austin, a speed shop in Texas.

He’s also a TV character. The couple got married in 1996; the exact month is not known. Sadly, their love story did not have a happy end. Back in 2002, Karla and Jesse divorced.

The couple had two children, a girl named Chandler Eden James born 1995 and son Jesse Gregory James, Jr. He was named after his father’s name.

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Unfortunately, it was recently shown that her daughter, Chandler, was struggling with a meth addiction. She’s frequently been photographed inhaling substances while partying with her friends.

Simultaneously, the anonymous source also reported that she moved to extreme lengths to acquire a “high,” even inhaling keyboard cleaner materials.

Her dad told the press she has been admitted to rehabilitation and is currently getting beyond her dependence.

Karla James is an adult model but insisted that she’s not a pornstar.

Karla James Photos

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