Justin Chamber’s Wife, Keisha Chambers  Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Family, Children, Career & Net Worth

Keisha Chambers Bio

Keisha Chambers was born in 1970. However, the exact month and date of her birth have been kept secret as she has chosen not to reveal her exact birth Month. But here’s what we did find out: Cancer is her zodiac sign. This means that her birth Month falls between June and July. So if you want to spend your birthday with her, send her messages from late July to Mid July. We’re sure she will reply.

She was born in London, Ohio, and raised by her family of five: her parents and two brothers. She is the last of the siblings. Her parents and brothers were not revealed to her. She decided to keep the information secret until now. Keisha Chambers is a famous model agent who was born in the United States to a Hispanic and African race.

Keisha’s Age, Height, & Body Measurements 

Because she was born in 1970, this makes her 52 years of age. But, at 5 feet 10 inches, she is the perfect height for a modeling lady. However, there was no information about her vital body stats.

She has a thin body that could make anyone jealous. Justin was fortunate to be able to play fast, so maybe she would have been taken before Justin.

Keisha Chambers Relationship & Love Affairs

Keisha was married to Justin in 1993. Perhaps Justin was still balancing his career as a model with his four-year studies at H.B. Studios. The wedding was kept secret by a few friends and family members. Their marriage has five children, including twins Kaila (born June 1997) and Maya (born June 1994). Their other children are their oldest daughter Isabella (born December 1994), Eva (born March 1999), and Jackson (born January 2002).

Keisha’s Career/Profession

Keisha’s dream of becoming an actress was something she had as a child. But, her dreams were crushed when she was disqualified for her race. There are very few people of different races and colors in the modeling industry. That is why she stopped pursuing her dream of being a model.

She found herself unable to look at the modeling industry as she grew older. So she began looking for other options to keep her in the business. She thought to herself “If they say that I can’t be a model, then I should have the ability to raise top model” and this thought encouraged her to act towards it. She became a worker at a modeling agency called the Booker as a Trainee (Trainer).

Keisha Chambers Family/Relatives

Keisha has a close relationship with the Chambers Family, especially her father-in-law John Chambers as well as her mother-in-law Pam Chambers. Her brother-in-law Jason Chambers and John Chambers as well as her sister-in-law Mia Chambers (and Susan Chambers) are also included in her new extended family. Keisha isn’t known about her family, but the information in the media indicates that they were poor.

Keisha’s Net Worth/Earnings

Keisha Chambers is a well-known name among celebrities of today. However, she does not have any personal sources of income, but she is the wife of a star of the Woods and has a part of her husband’s wealth. This could add to her modest fortune as a model agency booker. Her husband is worth $18 million and has an investment of approximately $11.5 million. A few other luxury cars including a Porsche and BMW are also owned by the family.

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