Lexi Hensler: The Biography of a YouTuber

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Lexi Hensler

Lexi Hensler was born on the 5th of December 1997 and still lives in her hometown, Los Angeles, California. She is an American national. Lexi is multiracial and has Irish, English, Ukrainian, and French roots. Hensler hasn’t shared any details about her father, but she’s pretty in touch with her mother.

Her mother also appears in one of her YouTube videos. Lexi also has a close connection with her brother, currently in Washington DC. From a very young age, Hensler has desired to model and take photos. She began her modeling career at 14 and had a high-school education.

The young lady is a student at heart. After her high school education, she was awarded an education in Business Administration and Economics.

The Career of Lexi Hensler

In 2013 Lexi Hensler began her YouTube channel. Her first channel was one that asks and answers questions entitled Q&A – Learn more about me! She began uploading videos about challenges and comedy, vlogs and jokes.

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The third-wheeling W/Ben and Ben and Lexi Rivera have the most views in all of her content, collaborating with popular YouTubers such as Brenk Rivera, Lexi Rivera, and numerous other YouTubers. In addition to YouTube, Lexi is also very busy on Instagram and is referred to as a model and influencer. Additionally, she is an avid TikToker.

Lexi Hensler Marital Status

I’m sure you were hoping for Lexi to get married; unfortunately, Lexi is already taken. She is close affinity for her handsome boyfriend, Christian. Christian is featured in several of her YouTube videos and is also featured in many posts on her Instagram posts. Hensler and Christian are not married yet.

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Physical Measurement

Lexi is five feet two inches by height and weighs 45kg. Lexi is a lean and muscular woman with a slightly tucked waist with a lustrous body shape, maintaining her attractive body with her regular cardio routine.

Lexi also eats lots of vegetables and fruits in her diet to help maintain her physique. She is also well-hydrated and is always carrying her water bottle. Lexi is also a makeup fan, but Hensler prefers natural over cakes. She is a fan of how she styles her hair and continues exploring different hair coloring techniques.

Do you know Lexi Hensler’s Age?

What age do you think gorgeous Lexi Hensler is? Lexi is just 25 years old and young at the time of 2022. She was born on the 5th of December in 1997, and she will be celebrating her birthday with friends on the 5th of December. Lexi is a believer in astrology, and she regularly examines the horoscopes of the zodiac of her sign, i.e., Sagittarius.

Lexi with flowers

Other Side Story about Lexi Hensler 

Lexi is a huge fan of dogs and owns two furry companions. One of them is from her Schnoodle canine breed, and the other one is one of the breeds known as a Bichon Frise. The dog she has is named Benji.

Lexi Hensler Income Value

Lexi Hensler’s net worth is $200 thousand in 2022. The majority of her income came from YouTube earnings. In addition, modeling and sponsorships significantly contribute to her overall wealth. Hensler is also a fan of sponsored and paid promotions. She will surely achieve more successes in the days to follow.

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