Lindsay Mills, Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend. What to Learn From A Pole Dancer and a Blogger

Lindsay Mills, Who is she?

Lindsay Mills

Lindsay Mills

She is a pole dancer, she came into limelight due to her affair with Edward Snowden. She is currently the girlfriend of the controversial former CIA representative Edward Snowden responsible for disclosing classified government information. Because of that, he has fled the United States and has sought political asylum in Russia

It is through her Instagram pots that people are given a concept of where they’re and of her current relationship status with Snowden. You may like Annie Bakes. Mills and Snowden’s relationship began in 2009. They moved to Hawaii in 2012 because of Snowden’s job requirements. In Hawaii, she managed to follow her heart’s desire and regular dance performances with a troupe.

Lindsay Mills pole dancer

More aout Edward Snowden’s Wife

Up to now, Lindsay Mills has enjoyed celebrity status as she has appeared in some famous shows. She appeared at the Academy Awards in 2015. She has written many blogs and stories about her journeys, experiences, and struggles as she chose to pursue her connection with Snowden.

Where is Lindsay Snowden Mills now?

Edward snowden wife Lindsay Mills

Lyndsay already knew and had a trust on Edward until he turned into one of the largest government whistleblowers and had to changed her life style and safety by continuing her relationship with Snowden.

Lindsay had made it very clear she wasn’t mindful of her boyfriend’s intentions to escape state secrets before he eventually did so.

It was only, later on, he revealed to Lindsay what exactly occurred. From then, Lindsay needed to journey back and forth to the United States to Moscow to continue their affair. She’s a woman who’s stood by the side of her boyfriend.

Although Snowden is quite intimate and private, The reverse is the case in terms of his girlfriend Lindsay as she makes timely posts of their experiences.


She was born and raised in Maryland in the United States, Lindsay Mills is an American.

What is her height and weight?

Lindsay stands 5 feet 8 inches and weighs about 123 pounds.

Did Lindsay Mills marry Edward Snowden?

Lindsay Mills net worth

Since 2008, Lindsay Mills has been in a relationship with top US government whistleblower Edward Snowden. For a moment, they lived together in Hawaii before 2013 when Snowden needed to travel in Hong Kong due to charges of discharging classified government documents to the press. Lindsay’s connection with Edward has lasted, and Snowdon lately revealed that the pair were married in Russia as at 2019.

Net worth

Lindsay Mills is a beautiful pole-dancer and acrobat, and this is where she earns most of her earnings. With all of these and her other engagements, she has an estimated net worth of $600,000.

Lindsay Mills childrenLindsay Mills age

The 35-year-old celebrity dancer, acrobat, also famous character doesn’t have any children at the moment, we will update this article if we have any valid information on that.

Lindsay Mills Instagram

You can follow her on Instagram @lsjourney, Lindsay Mills has more than 42,000 individuals.

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