A wedding is the most amazing and exciting day for a couple. If you are either the bride or the groom, you want everything to be perfect from your head to toe. Unlike the bride who is particular on the details of her wedding outfit, a groom might have a hard time picking out the exact look he wants.

Typically, a groom has a wide array of wedding suits to choose from. He has the freedom to choose what exact outfit he wants to wear on the wedding day. However, for someone who does not have a broad interest in fashion, picking the right attire might be challenging.


What trend are you in?

Over the years, there has been an ever-changing trend when it comes to grooms wear. The trend came from formal, more informal, to individual and more personal biases. The first question you need to answer is: Are you having a casual or a formal wedding? By getting the answer, you can tie down the options and choose the right attire for your special day.


Formal Weddings

If you are having a formal wedding, your choices are the following:

  • A morning suit: The traditional option includes a waistcoat, a tailcoat, and trousers. This type of suit is perfect if you will have an early afternoon or noon wedding.

A tuxedo: This option includes classic wear with trousers and a tie. You should avoid complimenting it with coloured ties. It is perfect for weddings that will take place after sundown.


Casual Weddings

If you are having a casual wedding, you can opt to have the following:

  • A casual jacket: Typically, a cotton or linen suit makes the casual look more comfortable for those weddings in summer. During winter, a coat made from wool and trousers will be a perfect fit. You can decide on if you wish to include a bow tie for a more relaxed look.

  • A modern-day outfit: It includes an elegant suit, most commonly a two-piece with a tie.
  • Three-piece suit: This is an alternative for those who want both formality and fresh look. This might include a well-formed suit and a tie.

  • A coat and a tie: This outfit will serve an informal and relaxed look. This is perfect for summer weddings.


What if you want a more fashionable look?

If you are on your wild side of experimenting on your look to match your bride’s level, you can always have your personalized style. You can have fun choosing your accessories and colours that will constitute your overall look. When you go for your style, you might want to consider your personality and then complement it with the right colours to express your individuality.

Choosing wedding suits is crazy if you want to have fun but still want to go with the theme of your wedding. You can always have both by combining the theme and your style to satisfy your fashion cravings. A wedding is not just about the bride, walk down the aisle with your perfect wedding suit!

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